Logo Your Marriage

Brand the enterprise that is your couple
Photo Credits: Cake By Atipica
August 1, 2023

Let’s acknowledge that your marriage or commitment to your (🤞🏻) life-long partner is its own entity. You are you, your partner is your partner, but the two of you together is an enterprise, built on a code of its own assets, values, regulations, and standards. That is why, it makes absolute sense to brand it with a logo, or even an emblem… To honor it, if you will, with a representation and reminder of a cherished and respected union between two co-CEOs of a company.

Javi and I had a logo designed for our wedding, and it was utilized not only for our website and wedding invitation suite, but also for the wedding cake, wedding ashtrays, as a customization detail for friends’ wedding gifts, and the ultimate of all representations: as a print for the background of a surprise painting by the sensationally talented Mr. Pedro Merry (IG @pitmerry).

Make your love ICONIC. Nothing could deserve it more.

Painting By Pedro Merry, Ashtrays By Atipica, Plates A Gift From Ms. Sara Battaglia, Wedding Invite/website/Cake By Atipica


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