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In an age of content saturation, here is your quintessential informational oasis. Journey into The Blog for valuable and honest lifestyle ideas. No verbosity, just serious happy yellow lemon energy. Drop into our rabbit hole and let The Blog accompany you in finding your golden key. To matters of the heart, the mind, the body and the soul.

A Note From Nicole

The Blog gives personal perspectives and propositions to a savvier, more qualitative, way of life.

I invite you to peep in, and consider some how-tos and how-not-tos, some wheres and whys, some whats and awesome whos. My hope is to serve up content meaty enough to satisfy even the most carnivorous of culture and philosophy seekers.

For a bit about my background…

Born 1979 and raised in San Antonio Texas, I was a child always immersed in my own art projects. In 2001, I graduated from Stanford University with a dual-degree in Art and Art History and Philosophy. Subsequently I worked as a fashion designer for Giorgio Armani and Zac Posen before launching my own shoe lines, Nicole Brundage and Acrobats of God. In 2015, I converged these two brands into one called Marskinryyppy, dressing the likes of Beyonce, Kourtney Kardashian, and Olivia Palermo. My 20 years living abroad in Italy, Spain and Switzerland were magical, during which I betrothed myself to a Madrileño named Javier. At the end of 2019, we made a drastic move to Dallas Texas, where we now call home. Following the birth of our daughter Sofia in January 2020, I left shoe design to embrace a new beginning and to dedicate my attention to being the CEO of our new home. Within these past 3 years, I’ve rediscovered myself and my creativity, creating a personal website, an NFT brand called Wunderbabes, and The Blog.

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