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The Aesthete

Exclusively what and restricted to whom? The Aesthete believes in the beauty and splendor that we ALL ultimately are. Nature and The Aesthete are your best friends to your best and most beautiful vibrant self.

A majestic rain of blooms sent from heaven to grace your body and spirit, i.e. a selection of breathtaking perfumes
The pride, respect, and necessity of cultural Elegance, and why we’ve lost it
We often lose sight of how really magnificent our bodies are.
Ways to coddle and nourish your lioness mane
Clothes make the (wo)man, but the vision makes the dream
The high heel is losing its popularity. But has it lost its power?
“Home” connotes so much more than just a house. But what exactly determines what makes a house a home?
DAVID and IRIS: the iconoclasts of the icons