Heaven Scent

A majestic rain of blooms sent from heaven to grace your body and spirit, i.e. a selection of breathtaking perfumes
July 4, 2024

Of our five senses, smell really is special. Taste, for example, is dependent on smell. But not vice versa. And while sights and sounds can trigger memories, the power of smell not only transports us back but compels us to close our eyes. We all now a perfume’s smell is very personal, as it intermingles directly with our body’s chemistry. How a perfume smells on me may be completely different than how it smells on you. And let’s not forget, smells are powerfully reminiscent. They can remind us of people or places we love, or once loved. But neither taste nor touch can claim such a power. But I must say, more riveting than all of the above is the fact that our sense of smell, in essence, conspires with our breath… and breath is life


The concept of stopping up a smell in a bottle—in order to inspire, to embellish our very breath and aura and path—is really something. It’s like capturing and bottling blooms from the gardens of heaven. 


I love discovering new fragrances. I love seeking out the more obscure perfumes, those not typically seen on the main market and those less straightforward. That said, it’s my pleasure to present you with my personal heavenly collection of smells. But first, a poetic introduction:


I ask, “Please, pick a bloom from the gardens of paradise

And send it down to me as a message of your gentle love”

Bless me with blooms of lily

Blooms of jasmine

Blooms of tuberose

Let fall from Heaven, please, the shower of flowers

Let me be anointed with the splendor of their perfumed essence

So that I may see the face of God in all people and all experiences

So that in your fragrant path, I might imitate your venerable little way


-Paraphrased from Heaven Scent, by Soulwax and Chloe Sevigny


[The descriptions below have been borrowed from their brands’ websites so as to convey their truest verbal essence.]

DedCool Madonna Lilly

Floral with a dash of pepper, a power suit in a bottle. Smells like hitting the pavement running. Feels like fingerprints on the glass ceiling.
Bottom note: MOSS, CARDAMOM

Fueguia, Agua Magnolia (NO ALCOHOL)

Fresh water flowing from the pistil of the flower to the majesty of the bark. The whole grandiosity of a magnolia tree.
Main Olfactory Family: Floral
Secondary Olfactory Family: Citric
Tonic note: Magnolia
Dominant note: Jasmine
Sub Dominant: Sandalwood

Fueguia, Agua Magnolia (NO ALCOHOL)

Two corners of the world: the southernmost part of Patagonia and the northernmost part of Sweden. Their distant but comparable landscapes mirror each other, almost as if they were an extension of one another. Fueguia’s collaboration with the Ett Hem Hotel, in Stockholm.
Main Olfactory Family: Wood
Secondary Olfactory Family: Sandalwood
Tonic note: Austrocedrus
Dominant note: Norway Spruce
Sub Dominant: Pink Pepper

Marc-Antoine Barrois, Tilia

Simple. Solar. Smiling. It is the scent of everlasting summer. Of holidays that never end. The honeyed, apricot inflections of broom. The tender powder of heliotrope. A bucolic bouquet made richer with a sprig of velvety jasmine sambac. Underlined, like a stroke of shade intensifying the radiance of an afternoon in the sun, by the smoky earthiness of vetiver…The first of a constellation of floral fragrances, TILIA is also the name of an imaginary star. The one that shines on happy days. An ode to simplicity and optimism.

Botanicae, Noa Noa

Through “Noa Noa”, we invite you to immerse yourself in the world of Paul Gauguin, to feel his passion, and to explore paradise through his eyes.
A citrusy and tropical dawn, a heart that merges nature and culture, culminating in a twilight of musk and vanilla, an extraordinary journey to Tahiti.
Top: Bergamot, Lemon, Orange, Ginger
Mid: Juniper, Petitgrain, Monoi
Base: Musk, Vetiver, Vanilla

Maison Crivelli, Rose SaltifOlia

Salty dunes, zesty spume, fiery bougainvillea. Sparkly spindrift. Pirouetting pink birds, imperial wind-blown centifolia. Swirly sand, silky seaweed meadows. Undersea woods, crystalline moods.
A floral marine fragrance like no other rose perfume you have tried. Inspired by a walk along a beach lined with roses exposed to the sea winds and salt, the creation combines a delicate, extremely fresh Centifolia rose with silky seaweed absolute.
Blood orange essential oil, pink peppercorn essential oil, rose Centifolia absolute, seaweed absolute, cashmeran.

Fornasetti, Giardino Segreto

The Giardino Segreto extrait de parfum is a fresh fragrance with green, fruity notes that takes on mystical and eccentric characteristics. A complex olfactory structure that gradually opens, note after note, to reveal a bouquet of flowers, herbs and fruits from a dusky undergrowth. In the opening, the top notes offer hints of berries such as blackcurrant and wild blackberry, complemented by the floral heart notes of petitgrain, carnation and bourbon geranium. The base notes, composed of myrrh and sandalwood, give the fragrance an exotic, enchanting character. A fragrance that combines the freshness of green notes with a fruity bouquet.
Olfactory Family: Fresh Green
Top Notes: Rhubarb, Tomato leaves, Blackcurrant, Wild black raspberry
Middle Notes: Galbanum, Petitgrain, Geranium bourbon, Carnation
Base Notes: Opoponax, Myrrh, Sandalwood, Ebony, Agarwood

Vyrao, I Am Verdant

A fragrance sprouting fresh green growth. Its enveloping mossy citrus aromatic comes from clarifying Italian bergamot and uplifting cyclamen combined with illuminating frankincense, cleansing iris absolute and orange flower absolute for elevating the spirit. Top Notes: Bergamot, cyclamen
Heart Notes: Frankincence
Base Notes: Iris absolute, orange flower

Vyrao, The Sixth

A beautiful uplifting fragrance diffused with sacred herbs. Its exceptional formulation promotes mindfulness using scientifically proven ingredients. Apple, Basil, Cypress and Patchouli amplify positivity. Juniper, Rosemary, Peppermint, Cedarwood and Fir balsam balance the nervous system. Angelica, Fennel and Wormwood diffuse negativity.

Laboratorio Olfattivo, Tuberosis

The tuberose spreads with its soft voice a scent of jasmine, plum and spices. It is a whisper, like a breeze, that will not tire. There is something in this flower of the figure of Shéhérazade that every night tells a story of escaping death. She did it so well that her story, still alive, has become a perfume.
Indian Carnation, Tuberose Abs., Coriander, Spices, Musks

DedCool, Xtra Milk

A universal musk, amplified. Smells like you. Feels like pure comfort.
Top note: BERGAMOT
Middle note: WHITE MUSK
Bottom note: AMBER

Atkinsons, Rose in Wonderland

Captures the delicate scent of a rose garden in full bloom on a summery morning with the dew drops glistening on the petals. Its perfectly-balanced floral blend of rose, blackcurrant buds and geranium is offset by the faintest trace of woody vetiver, for a fragrance that evokes the innocent beauty of this most English of flowers in a glorious, unfettered celebration of femininity and life’s simple pleasures.
Rose Dew Accord, Blackcurrant Buds
Rose Centifolia Absolute, Geranium
Crystal Amber, Vetiver

Roos & Roos, A Capella

The fragrance of awakening. Rose buds absolute scent blended with fresh and dewy ivy leaves, on a base of luminous blond wood
Rose, Ivy, Light Tree Wood

doTERRA, Steady grounding blend (at night)

A soft, inviting, and slightly fruity aroma. It draws on the unique benefits of essential oils such as Amyris, Balsam Fir, Coriander, and Magnolia perfectly blended with Fractioned Coconut Oil to deliver a calming effect perfect for all skin types. Amyris and Balsam Fir are evenly balanced by a hint of sweet Magnolia. When feeling overwhelmed, roll Steady onto the back of your neck or wrists and take a deep breath, allowing your mood to find balance. Soothing to the skin and reassuring to the mindset. Steady is a great every day blend.

Parfum du Papillon, 1787 Par Brevets

Sparkling and light, revealing a flight of fancy of lemon and rosemary before settling down into a lush sage and galbanum.
Lemon, Rosemary, and Bergamot.
Sage and Geranium.
Galbanum and Patchouli.


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