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The Lover

We yearn to relate and cohabit in peace and harmony but often fail miserably in our efforts. But contentment–even bliss–is attainable. The Lover is your great mediator. Here we seek to provide the know-how to keep two worlds in blissful unity. 

Poetic ways of celebrating our beloveds
Let’s release and embrace the idea that temporary but regular conflict is bad
What irritates you in your partner may likely be a reflection of your own character: Nature’s brilliant way of nudging us to evolve
When we observe people, we tend to make up stories about them. But do we really know?
Intimacy begins with looking inward to reconnect better with your partner (or anyone)
Tips on how to keep the poison of resentment at bay
I love you. Fuck Off. Welcome to Marriage.
Take just about everything—even hated things—as inspiration and blend it all together in the Mix-Master of your mind.
When the crazies and the warmongers finally come together, in peace…
Pointers on how to keep our reptilian brain in check
Choosing melancholy over anger is a much saner, healthier, wiser and stronger way to mend a broken heart.
Let’s face it. It’s hard to digest but it must be swallowed: Romantic love is not sustainable.
To wield your power, use this profoundly instinctual desire towards yourself
Brand the enterprise that is your couple
The Blog’s Sexy Playlist