Hello Body

We often lose sight of how really magnificent our bodies are.
Photo Credits: Schiaparelli Alta Costura Otoño Invierno 2021.
April 18, 2024

Anyone else have moments of self-body-shaming and excruciating frustration with their body? We may often (or too often) wish our bodies would look or function differently. But this is a blatant lack of reverence—an injustice—to the miraculous machinery that is our body. When it comes to our wildly complex bodies and our magnificent brains, we may pray and wish for “other,” but do we realize the gift that they already are?

On that note, let’s take a moment to be grateful for this awesomely awe-inspiring body and mind that is ours:

From my lips to my hips,
From my nose to my toes…

Unabashed love for my body and self within,
radiates out from my eyes and through my skin.

I am thankful (and in awe that) my body knows just what to do. I am grateful for my open arms and open heart, and for my lungs from which the air breathes through.
So thankful am I that I have a mind, to learn and grow and get out of a bind. That I never tire to always desire that I be inspired to always get higher.

And how wonderful is my body’s ability to move—thank goodness for my knees and wrists, and groovy groove. My legs, my arms, are long and strong; and when I dance, I get lost in their trance.

I’m in awe and I revel in gratitude, for my organs which work in perfect harmony as they should. My digestion, in constant sway, works through night and day, handling my culinary play, despite my food choices which may sometimes go astray.

My body grants me the gift of breath, of life; I can share my love with a hug, and laugh when blithe or in a strife. I can walk and run and smile and prance; I can laugh, make love, feel passion and dance.

What a gift my eyes give to me that I can see the sunset and dawn of each new day; what a gift my ears are that I can hear Sofia laugh or hear her play.

And although I may reject the shape of my lips, it’s thanks to my lips that I can talk, sing and kiss. Oh the bliss.

My eyes sparkle, my hair grows, and everything about me is unique. The fact my mind and body are different is truly what makes me so wonderfully sleek.

I can think of countless more reasons for me to thank my body. For what it does for me every day. It is oh so lovely.

This is joy, to be alive. And I get to choose how I vibe.

No we can’t beat death, but we can beat death in life (Charles Bukowski). You and I, we’re marvelous. Now isn’t that right?


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