Beauty Should Be Edible, Or Not At All

Why would you feed your skin anything you would not dare feed your belly?
Photo Credits: Jeff Koons X Bernardaud Lips Commemorative Plate.
November 16, 2023
The sound of parabens, phthalates, polyethylene glycol, BHA & BHT, oxy and avobenzone (used in sunscreens) is not exactly mouthwatering and wholesomely nutritious, am I right? These are only a few of the laboratory-generated substances on the lists of most skincare products and have proven to cause long-term harm to our organs and health when used topically. And yet some allow their skin to ingest them without so much as a second thought. I personally refuse to put anything in my hair or on my skin whose ingredients I cannot identify as food substances I would eat. Well, they must be used at least for the most part.

Someone else I know agrees. And yes I got this mentality from her. Lo and behold this marvel before you whom I call “Mum.” Photographed here at the tender age of 68 going on 40, she is the picture of everlasting youth, in its most natural form. Meaning NO cosmetic enhancements. EVER. Not a single jab of Botox or filling, not a lift here or a stretch there. She’s always been one to seek the cleanest and highest quality products for her skincare routine. So, Fellow Time-Challengers, here you have it: her (secret) list of tried-and-true (and considerably edible) skincare products. And for any further investigation of what may suit you best, I also refer you to green-beauty extraordinaire and cherished friend,Kristen Arnett for beauty guidance and motivation beyond-compare. For a sunblock or moisturizer with sunscreen, for instance, I suggest looking into those listed and approved by her.

Basic Skin Rules of 👍🏻:

1. to help keep those wrinkles at bay (although I must admit I do love a good wrinkle or two as a sign of wisdom and having LIVED LIFE!!] My personal tip: guzzle guzzle guzzle (try to do a little better with WATER; I think you know what I mean) My mom’s personal tip: eternally WET WET WET; the wetter—the dewier—the face, the better!

2. NO metals! My Mum refuses to use any products with metal particles such as gold, silver (unless it’s colloidal silver), or diamond and pearl dust. Her logic is that it makes no sense at all to “feed” our largest organ with the very thing we try to eliminate from our bodies: heavy metals!! These ingredients may likely be a business ploy to increase the price of a product. Just a hunch of course. But then again, look at her skin!

3. Calling all diabetics, avoid sugar in scrubs and honey in skincare products. They WILL raise your blood glucose.

Options for Morning (although they can be swapped with most similar alternatives for night): (Morning Ritual: mist, serum, oil and/or cream)

THE BODY DELI Cucumber Juice Elixir (“LEAVES YOUR SKIN LIKE PORCELAIN” to quote my Mum. BEST BRAND FOR QUALITY/VALUE) GLYCELENE Kalahari Cooling Collagen Mask (we like to leave on)

MAY LINDSTROM The Youth Dew (oil)

TRUE BOTANICALS Renew Oil Concentrate

EVANHEALY Blue Camomile Cream Moisturizer (easy on pocket)


LIV + GRACE Goat Milk Hydrator

C AND C HOLISTIC LIVING Whipped Tallow Butter

Options for Night: (Weekly Ritual: 1-2x per week exfoliant and mask, Daily Ritual: Mist, Serum, Oil and/or Cream, Lip/Eye Dew)

BIOLOGIQUE RECHERCHE Solution Demaquillante Pour Les Yeux (this makeup remover doesn’t irritate the eyes or leave oily residue)

GLYCELENE Luxury Facial Cleanser (So divine and divinely-scented, you’ll close your eyes when lathering)

THE BODY DELI Bamboo Facial Polishing Powder (easy on pocket and BEST BRAND FOR QUALITY/VALUE)

EMINENCE Stone Crop Oxygenating Fizzofoliant (wonderful scent and the gentlest on the skin)

ORVEDA Overnight Reviving Mask (deep-clearing mud mask, not at an overnight mask cream.)

THE BODY DELI Oatmeal and Honey Mask (“leaves you with baby skin” says my Mum)

THE BODY DELI Radiance Enzyme Superfood Peel (use as a mask; regenerative and illuminating!)

MAY LINDSTROM Skin The Jasmine Garden Botanique Facial Mist (your skin will thank you)

ORVEDA The Vital Sap (vital indeed)

GLYCELENE Beauty Serum

MAY LINDSTROM The Pendulum Potion (oil)


BIOLOGIQUE RECHERCHE Creme Masque Vernix phase de soin

GLYCELENE The Rejuvenation Creme

ARCONA Eye Dew+Plus


LA BOUCHE ROUGE Le Gommage (lipstick form exfoliant/moisturizer in one)
KINSHIP Supermelt Vegan Lip Jelly Mask
U BEAUTY The Plasma Lip Compound

[The Aesthete recommends you always finish your lather of the toner, serum, oil and/or cream on your neck, décolleté and the dorsal side of your hands]

For blemishes: ARCONA Tabula Rasa Pads work in a homeopathic manner to treat tenacious blemishes. Most blemish treatments are aggressively drying but these aid in, instead of inhibit, the body’s natural healing mechanisms.


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