Inside The View: An Interview With You

Probe beneath your surface–get deeper inside your head–and give you an interview. (I’ve provided my own responses to myself)
Photo Credits: Guy Bourdin, Mousehole, Autumn 1979
March 7, 2024
You in three words.
Pisces ascendant Aries

What do you think is necessary for you more than everything?
Alone time

The object and activity you like most.
The sun against my skin. Loving my daughter and everyone wonderful in my life, including myself when I remember. Music. Listening to music. Dancing to music. Dancing with someone/s to music.

What is your biggest wonder?
What Sofia, my daughter, will be like as an adult and what I’ll feel about my life before I croak. Will I be proud?

What are you scared of?
Robots taking over

What do you consider your most deserved conquest?

What else do you aim to obtain?

What virtue(s) do you value in someone, today.
Availability, presence, support

What do you least value in someone, today.
Emotional ignorance, bad relational manners

Hardest thing you are anticipating.
Knowing that my daughter, once she becomes totally autonomous, will be out in this crazy world carrying around my heart.

What is childish about you?
My sense of wonder. Being whimsical. And my hopeless and helpless need for chocolate, all day, all days.

The thing you cook best?
All forms of the mighty egg, and a very perfected heavenly thick sumptuous vanilla matcha-coffee frosty.

How is art a part of your everyday life?
I see art in everything. Everything I do, I feel I do because it forms part of a bigger picture that I’m creating. I try to make everything I do as beautiful, meaningful and strong as possible. Art (in all its forms and expressions) is my deepest desire.

Your definition of sublime.
My daughter Sofia’s hugs. Watching her observe and absorb, and dance.

Last film (or series) you watched that you loved, favorite songs as of late and the book you’re reading now.
Kajillionaire (film) and Lioness (series). Kajillionaire checks all my boxes: unique, abstract, deep, comical, dramatic, intellectual, sharp dialogue, great cinematography and good acting. Lioness may be a bit violent but it touches so many heart strings. Very female. All versions of Ryuchi Sakamoto’s Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence, The entire “It’s Waldeck” Spotify playlist, Satie l by Thylacine, Giulia by Alberto Bof, Sur La Voix Des Champions by Bon Entendeur, and Por Una Cabeza by Martynas and David Garrett. 
I’m reading like 10 books at the same time, the names of which I can’t even recall!

What will save the world?
Common sense, which is no longer common. The world doesn’t need to be saved, we do.
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