Meet Borja

Hunting gear savoir-faire from a suave world-class citizen
Photo Credits. Mr. Borja Barrilero, Yugen Group
August 1, 2023
Distinguished, like straight from an old Bond film, his good looks are both devilish and sweet. His style is classy and elegant but coolly fresh. His resources are boundless and his savoir-faire is that of a citizen-of-the-world. He’s the guy every girl wants as her friend and every other guy wants to copy.

Borja had no idea I would ask him for some photographs when I caught him in the middle of his hunting, but (as always) he was impeccably dressed for the part and the photos requested were effortlessly executed to perfection.

Interested in some tips for hunting gear and attire? Here is Borja’s list:


A London-based old-school luxury goods boutique, here you can find all the necessary components to the perfect hunting ensemble. A fine example, the sports barleycorn tweed hacking jacket with a long single vent at the back and slanted ‘hacking’ pockets with a ticket pocket at the hips. This to be paired with heavy wool cavalry twill trousers in a fawn color with sporty frogmouth pockets. How’s that for sartorially descriptive? These among sundry other dapper hunting or everyday clothing and accessories can be discovered here.


For exceptional custom-made shoes, this Toledo-based artisan shop is truly a unique and hidden gem for shoe lovers. They offer everything from a pair of Wellies or monk-strap shoes to the perfect cordovan rubber-sole Derbies for hunting.


An unparalleled 4×4 for adventurous spirits looking for a state-of-the-art hunting vehicle with interiors and performance like no other. Its class, quality, vintage-flair and cool-factor are a perfect fit for the likes of Mr. Bond, and Borja.


This is it, for the finest in shotgun manufacturing. You’ll find this gem in Eibar, a region world-renown for its production of shotguns.
And to wrap things up, a catch phrase from dear Don Thomas Maestre, “EL QUE LA SIGUE LA CONSIGUE,” roughly translated “Who follows it will swallow it.”


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