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Have a seat, take a deep breath and let the motivational fun begin
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June 27, 2024

What’s your dream job? Have one? Welly well then. Welcome to your dreamy job hypnosis. You, yes you, can be your own career coach, using these affirmations to see your entrepreneurial flame burn its brightest and bring your passionate projects to life.


The idea is to make your work-related self-dialogue work for you. We know that words can be powerful. And these affirmations prove it (given consistency, over time, of course). If you have an occupational dream, all it takes now is the footwork. But all the footwork in the world won’t matter if you don’t really believe, see and FEEL the possibilities within your very mighty cells. 


That is why I’ve graciously taken the liberty to write down some affirmations from Jess Shepherd’s youtube VIDEO  and strongly encourage you to watch and listen to it for full effect. (I’ve paraphrased the affirmations to fit my hypnosis scenario)


So now, Dear Spectators, do find a comfortable position, take a slow and deep breath, listen to the sound of my hypnotic blogger voice😉, and let’s get those wheels spinning upstairs.


“Allow these words to become your own. Allow them to change the frequency you are emitting. Breathe them in and imagine you are there already, like drinking a glass of cool water.


You are confident of your talents and strengths.

You are confident that you can learn anything.

You are confident that if there is anything you need to know, you will learn or you will receive it at the perfect time. 

You care about creating great value for people, and serving others in the best way you can.

You have purpose. You are enjoying the smiles, the gratitude and heartfelt appreciation that your services encourage from others. 

It gives you great joy to know that your talents and skills are going to good use.

You are expressing the higher consciousness within you. You are aware that you are the creator of your reality. 

You are aware that everything that you see in the world is what you see in your internal world. 

You are willing to understand. You are able to see the patterns. 

You are changeable, moveable, able to quickly recognize when old limiting beliefs are playing out and you are easily catching them and reconditioning your mind for success. 

You are finding more and more people to connect with on the same wavelength every day. 

You can really have, be or do anything that you put your mind to. 

Where your attention goes, energy flows. 

When you ask for help, it is given every time. 

You are able to keep balance. You give a lot of attention to your career because you love it. 

You are present first, and then you follow with action. 

You are able to efficiently and productively work, in a systematic manner that yields wonderful results. You know how to prioritize.

You are oozing wisdom in all your interactions.

You are deepening your understanding of what it takes to be an entrepreneur.

You are disciplined, focused, on track, balanced, brave and bold.

You are courageous, strong, able and unlimited.

You are open, growing, expanding.

Your passion and inspiration pulls you towards your goals.

You are inspired. You are finding inspiration everywhere you look.

Inspiration is finding you now. 

You can clearly hear your intuition, and you trust it.

You know the difference between your mind and your intuition. You can feel the difference.

You are watching your dreams turn into reality.

You are being witness to all your desires for your business manifesting right before your eyes.

You are witness to incredible prosperity in your business and wonderful interactions.

You are the witness to deepening connections with providers, clients and customers.

You are witnessing the impact your love for this work is having on the community.

You are witnessing how your service or product is assisting those who need it.

You are witness to exponential harmony and growth in your business. 

You are allowing your love for this service/product to be seen by others.

You are allowing the authentic you to be exposed.

You are open to receiving mountains of money in exchange for the wonderful service you provide.

You get paid incredibly well for the services or products you provide.

You feel blessed to be able to do what you love and get paid to do it.

You feel blessed to have these opportunities to express yourself this way.

You are blessed with feelings of satisfaction as you move in the world, and blessed with feelings of pleasure as you develop yourself more everyday.

You are proud of your business, myself, your interactions with others, of your product and service. 

You are seeing your intentions manifest in your life.

You are recognizing how your intentions are filling out into reality.

You are fulfilling your goals.

You are achieving your desires.

Your mind is strong, your life is strong, you are in alignment with the frequency of abundance, fulfillment, gratitude, bliss.

You feel blessed for every opportunity that falls in your lap and all the connections you are making. It might not be exactly as you’d imagined, it is so much better and that is how you know that you’re not alone in this creation journey. 

You are surrounded by incredible people, who understand and uplift you, and you are so thankful for this feeling of being connected to others.

You are surrounded by love and abundance, by wealth and prosperity. 

Abundance flows into your life with such incredible ease. You are relaxed with your success and abundance. 

You are relaxed in the knowing that everything is working out for you. 

You are relaxed by the feelings of oneness and connectedness to all that is. 

You are relaxed in your feeling of security and safety, in your feelings of ease and flow, and in your feelings of success and grand opulence. 

You are feeling that you are becoming more of the being you were born to be.

You can feel the passion exploding within you as you realize to the core of your being that this is your path. It may develop and grow as you do, but right now this is exactly where you are meant to be.”


Thank you Jess.


So what’s your dream? Everybody comes here with a dream; your future, that’s the Land of Dreams. Some dreams come true, some don’t; but keep on dreamin’. Always time to dream, so keep on dreamin’ 

(but most importantly with the full deployment of your affirmations).

(Paraphrased quote from Pretty Woman)


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