Loewe Love

Loewe’s team and Loewe’s essence make you feel good
Photo Credits: Loewe Table Mat, A Gift From Loewe.
August 1, 2023

There are a handful of mesmerizing luxury-fashion iconic flagship stores across the globe. Paris’ Hermès (Rue de Sèvres) or Rome’s Bottega Veneta (Via Dei Condotti), for example, have both left a deep impression upon my being. But if I may give what I consider a discerning opinion, no one flagship compares to the authentically intimate, inclusive and inspiring experience of Loewe in Calle Serrano, Madrid.

For starters, you are greeted with a genuinely hearty smile and Champagne-filled welcome at the entrance. At every angle and corner there is a Loewe family member gently nodding their head and intuiting whether or not you are in need of assistance. Oddly though, you never feel under observation. Neither is there ever an air of pretension or bother. All the contrary, it feels as if you are stepping into a dream, and re-experiencing the world in ways formerly known from childhood. With every turn, you find yourself encountering another curious object, a fascinating new space and a kind and gentle character.

Loewe as a fashion house offers a fresh “pushing-the-boundary” creativity that somehow and quite ingeniously always aligns with elegance. Its style is filled with wonder and energetic inspiration. Their customer service is personal, correct and unfailingly feel-good. J.W. Anderson’s all-encompassing and successfully one-of-kind vision (which speaks volumes today) is a refreshing treat. His radical upheaval of the Loewe house has made the brand one that authentically captivates your heart. All the Loewe pieces I’ve collected over the years are continuously relevant and special with every passing season. I’d never rid my wardrobe of a single one of them as I know their lasting value. Whether you are a buyer of Loewe or not– whether you fancy their product more or perhaps less–there is no doubt this marvel of a flagship store (and brand) will leave an impression upon just about anyone, of any age and any taste.

Hold up, there’s more to be said.

The luxury fashion retail experience today is no longer singularly about the clothes, but layered with architecture, design, social image, emotion and concept. As much effort all the luxury fashion brands may put into these aspects, however, I am reminded of Maya Angelou’s quote:

“I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”
Photo Credits: Red velvet Flamenco XL Drawstring Knot Bag, Loewe Spring 2022
This is what puts Loewe over and above the rest. Loewe’s essence and team make you feel unforgettably good.


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