Amoebas, Fungus And Mold, Oh My!

How to identify and STOP them from sabotaging our “stonehenge” wellbeing
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March 28, 2024
Bacteria, parasites, candida, amoebas, fungus, mold…Little do we know, we may be caught completely unawares and have one or multiple of these intruders altering our perfect internal ecosystems. Yes, My dear potential victims of this nasty prank, these here trespassers are living, breathing, colonizing and hijacking our sacred golden temples, as we speak. So how can we know which we have, and more importantly, how we can rid ourselves of them?

Easy. The Wellness Pro Plus does it ALL. I’ll explain. Each of these unwelcome foreign invaders carry a frequency, meaning they give off oscillations—a sound—in hertz. Too technical? Well, for instance, recording Engineers and Musicians use a Spectrum Analyzer in recording studios to read sound. Musical frequencies are high in hertz and body frequencies are lower in hertz. So back to these wily ransackers. With a simple swab test of the mouth, which then gets sent to the Wellness Pro Plus laboratories, exact indications are provided within 24-48 hours as to the type, the strain, the name of the violator(s) prowling around, either in our cells or in our gut. Once it is known, the practitioner can regulate the frequency radiating from our body to match that of the invader, using the Wellness Pro Plus machine. And once the frequencies are matched, the machine will intensify the frequency (in hertz) to neutralize the condition.

Consider finding a naturopath or healthcare practitioner that uses one, and discover (to your despair and relief) what’s looming within. Treatment using this equipment involves sitting within a maximum distance of 9 feet from the machine for a designated amount of time. Treatment time can range from roughly 30 minutes to30 hours, from one day to several days per week, and over even several weeks, depending on the specific strain.

If one might not have access to this equipment, there are alternative methods to get those cooties OUT!!!

Here are some suggestions:

Bacteria: Bacteria reside in our cells as opposed to amoebas, parasites, fungus, mold and candida—which usually only reside within the gut. The best way to keep bacteria at bay is to keep our immune system robust and pH-balanced. To help alkalize our system, we can fill a full-size bath with 1/2 a cup of Bob’s Red Mill baking soda twice per week, even daily for a more intense treatment (Arm & Hammer is not recommended). Another option is to take 1 tsp of baking soda in water daily, one hour before eating and/or 3 hours after eating. If not taken properly, baking soda will alkalize your stomach acids which you need to digest food and kill potential amoebas, bacteria and parasites! Eating well, sleeping sufficiently, exercising, and minimizing toxicity (including toxic relationships) are all key.

To prevent all the rest (parasites, amoebas, fungus, mold and candida), it is important to also keep a balanced PH. The more acidic the environment, the stronger they thrive. To treat them, first and foremost, limit sugar, starch and ALL GMO products.

Parasites: can then be treated through a cleanse such as the Cellcore Para Kit.

Fungus: can be treated using FUNG 11. Try eliminating mushrooms for a period of time.

Mold: Mold can invade when living in an area that has mold. Humidity buildup in our walls or living near the ocean, for instance, can breed mold. Mold is more of an environmental thing and can be treated using 15 drops 2x per day of Nestmann Pharma’s Absinthium (Artemisia and Wormwood).

Candida: can be treated using Da Vinci Labs Candida Away and Oil of Wild Oregano Oreganol Super Strength, after each meal and for quite a while, perhaps months, until symptoms go away.

Our bodies are a magnificent shrine to the Earth Mother. Don’t let invaders topple it. Get yourself an invader check-up soon.


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