Life is but a game of pain and pleasure. And the prize?
No we’re never gonna survive unless we get a little “crazy”
Probe beneath your surface–get deeper inside your head–and give you an interview. (I’ve provided my own responses to myself)
When we puzzle over the puzzle of Life, we can turn to Sonia to puzzle out with puzzling prowess some pieces to our enigmatic puzzle.
The most important aspect for a healthier, more satisfied life, according to the longest study EVER on Happiness.
How Fear, Control and Faith play their part in our spirituality
I bond. I crave to bond.
If we can see the magical essence of nonsense in everything, then perhaps we’ve got ourselves a bonafide happy pill
Ignorance is not bliss.
Go on, try it. BLAST Enya’s song “Caribbean Blue” while driving alone, and feel the energy pass through your heart and open your consciousness.