A Puzzle Within a Puzzle

When we puzzle over the puzzle of Life, we can turn to Sonia to puzzle out with puzzling prowess some pieces to our enigmatic puzzle.
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February 22, 2024

Think of your life as a puzzle. When we enter this world, the fragments of our existence are scattered, and as time passes, those fragments start to align, forming a more complex and coherent picture. Our destiny along with our free will determine how and when the pieces come together. And when we reach the end of our earthly journey, our soul’s greatest desire is to see a completed puzzle.

I have been a long-time fan of the worlds of cosmology, metaphysics, and clairvoyance. It is absolute magic to me that there are phenomena beyond what we can see with our own eyes. I marvel at the fact that certain individuals possess a heightened sensitivity to these intricate dynamics, and that, as if taken from the pages of fairy tales, the “stars” are there to wish upon. Spirits, planets, and energy entwine with our souls to form an intricate puzzle of interrelation. Each of us is a small puzzle within a puzzle, ultimately adding to a magnificent mosaic that binds all around us. To say the very least, it is truly life’s greatest enigma.

Well, I don’t have to wish upon a star for a bit of magic. I can simply arrange for a phone session with Sonia Oscar. When I do, my intention (and understanding) is not to glimpse into my distant future. Our free will won’t allow for that. Instead, it is to validate what I might be going through in that specific period as a piece of my life’s grander puzzle. [Typically, psychics touch upon what is happening in the now, the near past and up to 3-6 months into the future.]

Understanding “the bigger picture” can be helpful in comprehending and connecting more to our present selves. Having a reading with a trusted clairvoyant can assert that what we are currently going through is with reason, and clue us as to whether it is a link or a hindrance in our soul’s path. Having a destined plan is like having a blueprint. We come into the world with (subconsciously) preloaded memories, destined encounters with certain individuals, and various physical and emotional challenges outlined for us to encounter. But since we have choices, our free will allows us the ability to determine direction, order, and timing. Our choices are where our intuition plays its role. And in Sonia’s words, “we all have intuition. We are all psychic to some degree, only some are more in tune than others.”

Sonia, a mystical and exceptionally kind English lady from a Catholic background, experienced a significant loss at the age of 9 when her sister passed away from leukemia. This event deeply impacted her, but she so strongly believed in a soul bond with her sister, even after her passing. Sonia had a profound experience one night in which she saw a bright light, which she perceived as the silhouette of her sister together with their deceased maternal grandmother. Thereafter, she maintained a connection with her sister and other spirits by conversing with them at nights. These apparitions assured her that she would never be alone and instilled a sense of peace and confidence in her.

Since then, Sonia has developed and honed her psychic abilities. She receives messages through existential energies, often visualizing images or hearing words. Being somewhat of a loner as a child, she always had a yearning to connect with the spiritual realm and even had invisible friends, which her open-minded parents luckily embraced. As a young girl, teachers would exclaim, “Stop daydreaming Sonia!” Little did they know, this young gifted Sonia was cloud-gazing as another way to connect to spirit. She could decipher shapes and imagery in the clouds. Once, for instance, before being asked to be godmother to a friend’s baby boy (whose gender was still unknown), she saw the shape of a “muscular” baby in the clouds.

Sonia describes herself as both a psychic and a medium, highlighting the distinction between the two. While a psychic taps into a person’s aura or energy, a medium can communicate with ancestral spirits, guides, and divine beings. Sonia explains that all spirits work together as a family to inspire and enlighten individuals. I asked her the difference between them all and here, Fellow Puzzlers, is a simple breakdown: Archangels, represented as golden lights, offer inspiration, but lack a human connection, as they’ve never been human; Ancestral spirits—a deceased grandparent or cousin, for instance—retain their character and guide individuals based on their own values; Angelic beings embody love, providing comfort and protection unconditionally, especially during challenging times; And spiritual guides are specifically linked to individuals based on soul energy and affinity, meaning they support and resonate with certain people whom they chose during specific phases of that person’s life.

One thing I found powerful in my Q&A with Sonia (specifically for this post) is that spiritual guides only come to our aid when we actively seek their assistance. We must ask for help rather than expecting it to be given to us automatically. She referenced a biblical quote from Matthew 7 which emphasizes this aspect, “Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you. For everyone who asks receives; he who seeks finds; and to him who knocks, the door will be opened.”

Another fascinating point she made is that not every spirit is willing to work with just any psychic or medium, as compatibility and resonance may vary. Some spiritual guides, despite being evolved spirits, may even choose to return to human form to aid humanity or more simply pursue personal passions. Ghosts, on the other hand, may be curious spirits seeking a momentary return to a beloved place, exercising their right as beings who preceded us.

When I thanked Sonia for the beautiful positive words she’d once expressed to me about my work, she responded “All the messages are yours. Your guides impart these words for me to tell you.” When I seek Sonia, I am knocking on the doors and calling directly in to my higher intelligence and spirit family. I am channeling all that is rightly mine: assurance, clarity, and a greater vision of my puzzling picture. I am attuning to receive answers and confirmations, understanding and of course prickling goosebumps.

Magic, Dearest Puzzlers, is not only reserved for kids. It is a magical world in which we live. And for those of us who wish upon a star, gaze up at the clouds, and seek spiritual guidance, our puzzle pieces are there for us to see.

You may contact Sonia Oscar, or a trusted card reader, clairvoyant or astrologer, to:

-To reassure that you are a part of an Infinite Intelligence

-To stand in the puzzling but dazzling power of your soul

-To think, see and act in alignment with your soul

-To puzzle it out, and keep living a fulfilling life

I must be hallucinating
Watching Angels celebrating
Could this be reactivating
All my senses dislocating?
This must be a strange deception
By celestial intervention
Leaving me the recollection
Of your Heavenly connection

–Eurythmics, There Must Be An Angel (Playing With My Heart)


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