Let Me Hear Your Body Talk

A New School Of Chiropractic Thought
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August 1, 2023

Statistically, 1 million chiropractic adjustments are performed every day in America. There are slight variations on the kinds of chiropractic methods employed, but essentially they all employ the same quick (and frightful) jerk, thrust, twist and crack of a joint. Literature and mainstream thought support this type of manipulation as effective when skillfully performed. But there is ONE exceptional (and gentle) school of chiropractic thought that, although shockingly unfamiliar, surpasses the rest.

Our bodies are constantly conversing with us, whispering or screaming messages of either homeostasis or imbalance. We tend to treat our bodies more as a thing, our possession with which we feel free to do as we wish. But our bodies prefer and would appreciate that we treat them with more etiquette. Mainstream chiropractic methods approach the body in a forceful and especially UNINVITED way. However, one chiropractic technique does anything but that.

In Directional Non-Force Technique, or DNFT, there are no imposed manipulations to treat chronic inflammation, misalignment of a joint, or tissue that is injured or stressed. DNFT is respectful, sensitive, and courteous in its “social” interaction with your body. It listens to the body and respectfully reacts to what it has to say. Patients who follow this practice notice immediate benefits and even a decline in follow-up sessions, as the body’s way of “thanking” them. Furthermore, in contrast to mainstream chiropractic therapy, this technique is appropriate in treating patients with an even greater array of issues, such as physical symptoms derived from emotionally triggered energy blockages.

The technique bases its success on reflex, the innate reactionary language of the body. In a neurological test known as the reactive leg reflex, the practitioner makes a few black marks on your back in order to map his program. As you hold a copper rod, the practitioner will then apply minimal pressure to a particular point on the body they are is addressing, clicking your toes together, which are clad in “special” shoes that aid in their visualization of the body’s reaction. The practitioner interprets the response accordingly, reapplying minimal pressure to necessary areas.

For a more precise and thorough technical explanation—->https://www.fowlerchiro.com/services—techniques/directional-non-force-techniquehtml

In my first session with Dr. Humberto Perez, I was truly taken by his innate capacity to communicate intuitively with my body. I couldn’t help but exclaim, “You’re a modern-day Shaman!” With just one session, my jaw-clenching tendency at night discontinued and the tension in my jaw disappeared. In other sessions, emotionally-caused blockages were cleared along with their related points of inflammation and tenderness in the body. Without divulging any information, he’d inquire about specific physical and emotional issues I was experiencing. I’d raise my head, in complete disbelief at his ability to perceive them. And through a mere session of “adjustments,” he’d resolve every issue, swiftly and effectively.

This has been my ground-breaking experience. And if this doesn’t impress you enough, in all my sessions, supplements that I take regularly are placed on my back in order to evaluate whether my body is still asking for them, or for a decrease/increase in dosage. And likewise, any food or beauty products can also be placed on the back to see how the body feels about them (I once brought a salt substitute that my body was clearly not in favor of).


If DNFT had a motto,
it would undoubtedly be a phrase sung by Olivia Newton John:

Let me hear your body talk.
(Physical, 1981)


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