The HAPPY Factor

No we’re never gonna survive unless we get a little “crazy”
April 18, 2024

It is unquestionable, discipline is indispensable. A healthy routine, day in and day out ad-infinitum, is essential to our wellbeing and thus a happier life. But to achieve true joie de vivre—-a zest, a lust, a zeal for life—we’ve also got to LIVE A LITTLE.

We’ve got to rattle our cage, slip the bars, and stir the pot. We’ve got to draw our own map and lead ourselves by the hand. How will we ever get to know ourselves better if we don’t go roaming and discover for ourselves what it is that exhilarates? As long as we keep a clear mind and our vagaries in check, we need to cross the bridge to find out what’s on the other side. (Inspired by Mint Royal’s “Ring”)

We can have our cake and eat it too, damn it. We can be disciplined and unrestrained. We can digress and not pay consequences. To be dubiously wholesome and pure is not only exhilarating but as far as I’m concerned, healthy (for the soul). Gently and intelligently bending the rules can come without an admonitory price tag. When we behave deviously, we channel our inner mischievous child and we ANIMATE. When we have a smoke or two or three, begin perhaps a fourth cocktail, surrender to another piece of gushing chocolate molten decadence, or purposely not brush or floss our teeth for one flippin’ night — all the while reflecting that we “shouldn’t” — a devilish part of us COMES ALIVE. 😈

As adults, we bear a heck-load of weight. As dutiful spouses, parents, professionals, and dwellers of our bodies, we NEED to take the edge off — to not only indulge but over-indulge. We NEED some harmless mischief to keep us feeling bouncy, hearty, vigorous, lusty, and carefree (as long as it’s in bits and pieces and considerably sound, that is). That is why The HAPPY FACTOR of our dearly cherished vices and occasional neglect matters.

A note about my experience: along my 45 years, I’ve faced several health challenges which have kept me in line from being completely indulgent or unconstrained. I’ve dealt with being a Type 1 diabetic and with a decade of severe inflammation in my hip and lower back, restricting my freedom to eat and move as I pleased. But regardless of these and other health shortcomings, I’ve learnt when and how to have my cake and eat it too.

I can smoke a ciggie (organic tobacco, thank you) more often than less, deeply inhaling and puffing elegant rings in slow release to maximize its power (then spritz Satori Vocal Rescue to keep my voice intact); I can have as many skinny margars as my heart doth please when out with friendly accomplices (then take a DHM1000 supplement to keep the hangover at bay); and well, I haven’t gone a single day of my life without chocolate and certain sweets, and don’t ever intend to stop. I can now move with ease, free of stabbing inflammations, thanks to discovering the right exercise regimen. And when the test results come back from my regular blood work, my doctor shakes my hand, impressed with my perfect ranges. I now hold the golden key and know the hacks and the strategies to rattle my cage, cross my boundaries and feel exhilarated without consequences. (I advise getting regular blood work done and seeing an EDS practitioner or functional medicine doctor to keep your temple consistently in full force.)

Obstacles do not have to imply hindrance. There are always solutions and the best ones are usually homeopathic. We have to do our work, though, to research and discover what our magic tailor-made recipe is, but once we find it…☄️

That said, so many times it’s not so much about WHAT but HOW we do something. It’s not about what we eat but HOW the quality, quantity and timing of our meals is. The difference lies not only in exercising but in HOW we exercise. The same applies to HOW we communicate, more than what we say. And similarly, it’s not the “light” vices we indulge in that matter, but HOW we consider, control and compensate for them.

[For tips on how to formally detox, check out—>The Great Reset, and for tips on how to maximize your health through hydration (and never get hangover), hop over to—>Supercharge your Hydration]

So long as we keep our mischief in careful check—maintaining an overall healthy regimen in body and mind—the Happy Factor we get from a slip or two never killed nobody (and definitely outweighs any potential negatives).

May your guilty pleasures keep you merry and your hangovers and the weight scale be kind.

No we’re never gonna survive unless
We get a little crazy

In a sky full of people, only some want to fly
Isn’t that crazy

-Snippets from Seal’s, Crazy

Photo Credits: Helmut Newton / Happy Coffee: IG @ Bernardoconstantino / Me


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