If It Were My Last Supper…

I’d Choose La Grand’ Vigne, At Hotel Les Sources De Caudalie, Bordeaux
(and most certainly stay the weekend)
Photo Credits: Our Visit To Les Sources De Caudalie
August 1, 2023

What would you say are the correlations among the most sumptuous massage, the best of viticulture, one-of-a-kind beauty products, and edible horticulture? Caudalie, of course. The luxury French hotel Les Sources de Caudalie, located in the outskirts of Bordeaux, is the quintessential foodie and spa-maven sojourn, and where I’d have my Last Supper.

Javi, my husband, and I arrived at Les sources, ready to be cast by the spell of the seductive grape. But between our wine glasses and their wine-infused beauty products and spa treatments, there wasn’t a moment we weren’t steeped in the magic nectar of Bordeaux, and the gods.

Our day commenced at the Vinothérapie Spa, the “source” of world-famous grape-based beauty product line, Caudalie, and where we vanished from the world for at least a few hours. We stepped out dizzy in love, and strolled about the winding paths framed by wild and heavily perfumed flowers and orchards. Our promenade past the lake segued into lunch at the Bar Rouge where a degustation of Bordeaux wines— alongside foie, cheeses, preserves, and a butter-infused sponge cake—unleashed our jugular joy. As if this glorious Dionysian day wasn’t enough, it was nothing in comparison to what was yet to come.

La Grande’ Vigne, where we dined that night, is the pinnacle of French culinary wisdom. The sublime 6-course dinner was ultimately the best gift to my hedonist pig within. Pickypants here has never liked pre-fixed menus, but this one didn’t leave any room for complaints. With two Michelin stars, this restaurant reached all the stars.

The caress of this glorious feast was a taste of the genius of life. And a taste of the warmth of heaven.

Last comment. A picnic breakfast in bed the next day. The French way. OH. MON. DIEU


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