The Hedonist Pig’s Yoga In A Cup

I, self-proclaimed matcha hedonist glutton, drink my ceremonial grade matcha tea in a decadently whipped fashion, thank you.
Photo Credits: Whipped Matcha In Handmade Czech Contemporary May Champagne Flute Glasses (, Fornasetti Plate
August 1, 2023

I don’t drink my matcha tea with hot water, as all matcha Tea Ceremonialists and connoisseurs typically do. Instead, I prepare it meticulously and devotedly every morning in a whipped fashion. A Matcha Frostie if you will (don’t miss the recipe-reveal at the very end). Eternally at the humble service of my hedonist within, I’ve taken the liberty to test out several matcha brands for this sacred of all morning ritual.

Man Eating Tiger Ceremonial Matcha

Barista Underground proposes a Matcha that is smooth, and delicate and sweet enough you could eat it straight from the can (just to be clear it has no added ingredients).

Sazen’s Kōmyō

A competitive grade matcha, is made from carefully selected first-class green teas from Ujihikari, Tsuyuhikari, and Asahi cultivars, all participants of the 2022 Kansai Tea Exhibition. Kōmyo also has a stupendously bright and smooth distinctive body.

Sazen’s Wako and Aoarashi

Are also optimal options. Both are delicate and balanced, not overly umami in flavor and unmatched in value for price.

Sazen’s Harumoe no Shiro

This is a seasonal Spring Matcha Tea Blend by Horii Shichimeien, and sold only from the beginning of February to the end of April. Its flavor hints of walnuts and fresh leaves, leaving a sweet finish on your palette.

Sazen’s Matcha Isuzu

Literally named “fifty bells,” is a bolder matcha, intense in character, sharp and pleasingly tart.

Tea dealers

Offers many top-quality matcha teas, including my favorite Shousui Matcha. This tea’s name means “Pine Green” and refers to the strength, longevity, and unfading color of the mighty pine tree.

Breakaway Matcha

Is a wonderful US-based matcha purveyor that offers “hyperpremium,” cold brew and culinary grade matchas. They offer a few “tasting” packages of small portions of different types. This is a wonderful way to test your palette and enjoy experimenting with matcha. I’ve tried their 93, 94, and 95 Blends and found their color and flavor to be extraordinarily vibrant in color and taste.

Matcha Kari

Also does a nice Tenchi Ceremonial Organic Matcha. According to the website, it is harvested once per year in the early part of spring and is produced by the oldest and most famous tea farm in Japan. The flavor is balanced but full in body.


Offers Hikari Single Origin Matcha, a nice option, umami in character but delicate enough in taste. (They also make the most exciting, healthy, and low-glycemic Grain-Free Activated Matcha Granola.)

Sazen’s Tea Jikō

Shipped directly from Japan, is my favorite online store. They offer an extensive foolproof selection of exquisite, real-deal matcha teas. Sazen’s Jikō comes in a gold container for a reason. A competitive grade matcha tea, made of Samidori, Saemidori, Asahi, Yabukita tea cultivars grown in Shiga Prefecture, this matcha is the gold standard. It is the brightest I’ve tried, creamiest and sweetest perfection.

In a 700W (Braun) multiquick hand blender, mix the following ingredients into a 2 cup chopper:

-¼- ½ teaspoon Ceremonial Matcha Green tea powder (¼ tsp is equivalent to 35-45 mg caffeine)

-a few dashes of NOW Monk Fruit powder (AVOID monk fruit powders laced with polyalcohols, such as erythritol, which do a number on your gut)

– 1 teaspoon of NON-alcoholic unsweetened vanilla extract

– 2 pinches of salt (personal preference, and for health purposes, CELTIC)

– 6-8 splashes of A2 whole milk (A2 infinitely better for your health than normal milk, made from A1 Cows) OR of Elmhurst unsweetened almond milk (Better Than Milk Unsweetened Almond milk also produces decent thickness, is made with Italian spring water and doesn’t have the fake almond “natural” flavor that so many other almond milk brands do. Another alternative is Tache Pistachio milk or Elmhurst Barista Pistachio milk—pistachio and matcha make for a beautiful marriage). Also, raw milk is divine in taste but will not give you the same thick decadent whipped texture. But of course, it’s infinitely healthier. And better tasting.
– 7-9 one-inch ice cubes

Alternate between blending and pulsing on high, for a good minute, until apparently smooth and lusciously thick.

Serve in a fabulous glass.
Me and my Matcha


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