If Sex Sells, Buy Yourself

To wield your power, use this profoundly instinctual desire towards yourself
Photo Credits: Helmut Newton
August 1, 2023

Sex plays into one of our deepest human desires. We know that not only fashion and beauty brands have capitalized on it but that even the most conservative companies have slyly relied on it to sell their products.

With the MeToo and Woke movements, so many shifts have occurred in the way sex has been selling brands. The tables have turned since the old Abercrombie & Fitch or Tom Ford’s Gucci model of yore. But there is a new perspective I think we should all consider when it comes to using this profoundly instinctual and clearly undeniable desire.

Sell your sex appeal to yourself.

Inject the brand that is YOU with hedonistic luxury and playful scandal. Oooooze with glamor and be suggestive to yourself. Catch a second or third glance at your reflection when you pass a mirror or window, and fancy it. The self gaze (as opposed to the proverbial male gaze) is your key to A GLORIOUS DAY.

When I invest more time in my appearance in the morning, I end up feeling more energized and positive the rest of my day. Something else happens when I feel sexy to myself. Bringing out my inner piquant and coquette injects me with more energy and positive vibes, which then resonates in better work, communication, and relationship with others. I feel suave within. I exude amour and attract it in return. I brim with a life-force energy that is sex. There is nothing shameful in it. There is no denying the facts. Sex does sell. But when directed inwardly, it is powerful.

Let’s join the sex bandwagon and make a greater effort to turn ourselves on, in the way that we act, groom, present, and see ourselves. It requires more time, more effort, more thought. But the power it wields will surprise (and titillate) you. Never allow idleness in the way we groom our souls and our appearance get in the way of you and your “self-esteem Calvies.”

Helmut Newton for @VogueParis, 1975.


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