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An account of an aphrodisiac.
Ah most wondrous Egg, you have so many faces. What other food can speak of all your uses, textures, and identities? But most curiously, who can do you justice?
Give a man a fish and he will have fish for a day. Teach a man to eat fish from a can and you win him loads of time and a deep and special kind of love.
Ladies and Gents, I’ve got a special treat for you. I want you to put your hands together and welcome to the stage, a big round of applause for this moment’s Best of Chocolate.
I, self-proclaimed matcha hedonist glutton, drink my ceremonial grade matcha tea in a decadently whipped fashion, thank you.
Love shows up in so many forms: sweaty, bold, robust, hard, European… Succumb yourselves to these curdled phenomenons