What does this image make you think?

When we observe people, we tend to make up stories about them. But do we really know?
Photo Credits: Martin Parr. Bored Couples. 1993
February 1, 2024

Are they so comfortable with the awkward silence that may often plague a younger couple?

Has their conversation dried up after having spent decades together?

Are they utterly famished and sitting in silent angst as they wait to be served?

Did they just get in another lover’s quarrel, and are now pretending the other doesn’t exist?

Is she trying to get up the courage to tell him she wants a divorce, as she fiddles with her ring-finger?

Are they just aghast at the service since they still haven’t been brought a menu after 30 minutes?

Was the appetizer so sublime that it left them speechless?

Did he throw his back out again? Is she having another round of arthritic pain?

Orrr, is he about to pop the question and mustering the nerve to do it gracefully?

Might they be engaged in a silent game due to the incessant chatter of their pet parrots back at home?

Did they just make mind-blowing soul-connecting love and don’t want to ruin the aftermath with words?

Did they just finish a 10-course Michelin meal and digestion has taken over their entire being?

Are they telepathically communicating?

Is this a blind date gone bad? Did he ask her age?

Did one just pass gas and it is still living and breathing and overpowering the entire restaurant and neither wants to react so as not to reveal it was one of them?

Are they an estranged brother and sister who are doing their perfunctory once-a-year dinner?

Are they distressed because their children are impossible and they don’t have the heart or the energy to talk about it?

Are they grieving the loss of a beloved one?

Is one being testy and anxiously waiting to see if the other remembers their anniversary or birthday?

Is this life as usual for this merry-go-round couple?


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