Meditation On-The-Go

Be reverent. Revere yourself. And rev up your spiritual life to the sound of Enya.
Photo credits: Guy bourdin for Charles Jourdan, April 1974. Edit by The Blog
November 16, 2023

Go on, try it. BLAST Enya’s song “Caribbean Blue” while driving alone, and feel the energy pass through your heart and open your consciousness. You’ll become so absorbed in the song that your ego will disappear in the moment, no matter what your circumstances. The song grips your being somehow, and you immediately lose your thoughts to a state of presence, serenity, and authentic appreciation.

The busyness of life can make it challenging for anyone to carve out any time, let alone time alone, for peaceful and meditative relaxation. And yes, I could indulge the idea of making time, but then the thought of sitting quietly Indian-legged doesn’t exactly motivate me. Meditation-on-the-go is my only way.

Enya’s music is unique, in a genre all of its own. Her songs are all masterfully textured ethereal compositions that enrapture and invite you to be still, listen, feel, and let go. Her music has a way of engulfing the space around you in ways I don’t think any other artist’s songs can compare. But this one song in particular reigns in its power among the rest. Hearing it in the car alone is ideal since driving can give us a sense of freedom, independence and movement. Who would have thought it? Driving alone is the perfect time and place to “meditate.” The motion of our trusty freedom-mobile together with Enya’s expansive chords and voice can feel as if a new horizon is opening up to us.

The lyrics of this song reference the “sky above” as being “Caribbean blue” and imply a person looking upward. Its notes uplift and are impeccably in line with the words that imply our endless capacity for imagination and our ability to transcend our physical surroundings.

“…if all you told was turned to gold, if all you dreamed was new Imagine sky high above In Caribbean blue”
Drown out any stress with this avalanche of remarkable power, capable of transcending you to another realm of conscience. Allow it to reconnect you with your deeper energy within and tug you back to a more hopeful, sensitive and resilient you. Revere yourself. And meditate on-the-go. Rev up your spiritual life to the sound of Enya.



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