The Great Mix-Up

A perfect genre-spanning cocktail of pep-up go-to music that fits the all-age all-occasion multicultural bill.
Photo credits: an all-inclusive quirky friend and pet chill-out
August 1, 2023
Whether hosting friends for an aperitif or brunch-bound in the car with children or grandparents, this tracklist is as fluid as it gets.

“The Great Mix-up” brings together all the diverse genres of beats. It’s pop, Motown, 80s, disco, and swing all stuffed into one big fat sandwich of good energy. All that and a peppering of old school and contemporary French, Italian, and Spanish tracks. The energy is fresh and exciting. And no song is too loud or too quiet for the likes of anyone.

Et Voilà, a little-bit-of-everything-and-appropriate-for-everyone-every-time playlist:


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