Blue Smoke

Tips and recs from a cigar connoisseur and the hero of my heart
Photo credits: Javi being a sport for my shoe campaign, 2018
January 4, 2024

I know you are not a star,
Neither an artist nor the hero of the West.
But when you smoke
There is something irresistible about you.
Blue smoke, blue smoke
A cloud surrounds you.
And when a man smells and tastes of smoke
Ah yes, he truly is a man
And I will love you as long as you want,
All because you’re like this
And a kiss is worth ten, when given by you.

A snippet from Mina’s “Ta-Ra-Ta-Ta” (the translation in English does no justice to the original in Italian)


1. Partagas D4
2. Romeo y Julieta Petit Churchill
3. Romeo y Julieta White Churchill
4. Trinidad Vigia
5. Cohiba Behike
6. Juan Lopes Seleccion No.2
7. The Griffins Grand Robusto

Javi: “Although my top choices are Cuban, Romeo y Julietta cigars made in the Dominican Republic have also been a great discovery. They are slightly lighter for the day-to-day smoke, but are pleasingly aromatic and their quality is spectacular. I personally prefer cigars which are slightly harder and less humid versus those softer, more moist. I feel I can enjoy the flavors and aromas deeper and richer within the mouth. Rather than use a cigar cutter, I much prefer to cut my cigars with my teeth and roll the cigar around a tight lip, wetting it with my tongue as I roll. My favorite cigar is (drum roll) the one I always have after breakfast ().

My most highly recommended cigar suppliers are Monsieur Gerard Geneva ( recommend speaking directly with Monsieur Gerard) and La Cava de Miguel Angel Madrid (ask for Tomas).

Photo Credits: The smoking lounge at tye Connaught Hotel, London. The lighter is pretty spectacular


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