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Something unexpectedly cool factors in when a young driver is caught behind the classic car wheel
Photo Credits: Javi’s Classic Car
August 1, 2023
Classic cars are classed as the most special on the market. Since they were not mass-produced, anyone beholding one is immediately enthralled by its distinction and handcrafted quality. Few can be perfectly matched, since each one was crafted uniquely in its day. There’s simply no denying it, the character, design, quirks, and features of each make them drastically more interesting than the majority of their modern counterparts.

Enthusiasts of the classic car typically fall into the over-60-years-of-age group. But when a younger driver is caught behind the classic car wheel, something unexpectedly intriguing factors in. The younger generations of today have grown up in the modern era of technology. They’ve lived the majority of their lives with technology, thus making this unexpected passion and interest for the old a touching phenomenon. The same, I would say, goes for someone over 60 who is particularly savvy in the tech world and all its gadgets.

A slew of celebrities—and might I say some of the most talented and famous of them—are passionate classic car owners: Kendall Jenner with her 1965 Ford Mustang and 1957 Corvette Stingray convertible, Jennifer Aniston with her $13,000 vintage Mercedes Benz 280 Convertible “splurge,” Beyonce with her 1959 Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud II and Mercedes SL Pagoda, and Lady Gaga with her 1965 Lincoln Continental Convertible (to name but a few).

Brings me to wonder, what other ways might these young classicists classify the classic car as a classy case for class (excuse the alliteration😜)?

Well for starters, driving a classic car is a simple yet whole experience. Since they lack complex and distracting buttons, touch screens and systems, riding in one is strangely refreshing given the complex modern era we live in today. Technology has richly enhanced but also limited our lives. And nothing could be more appealing than to just listen to the engine, the wind, and an old Bee Gees cassette tape. To be free in the moment. Free of multi-tasking, free to JUST drive. (And free to listen to the music without compulsively skipping over songs).

Another classic car advantage is the low repair and maintenance bills. Their parts are easy to order, easier to substitute, and easy on the pocket. This can’t be said for the luxury modern car of today.

One more undeniable aspect is that driving a classic car will attract serious (and only positive) attention. Other drivers on the road will make the extra effort to demonstrate their appreciation through facial expressions, thumbs-up gestures, or rolling down their window to pass along enthusiastic compliments. Encounters and unexpected conversations with a fellow or aspiring classic car driver are sure to occur.

I’ll be honest with you, when I first rode with Mr. 1986 Mercedes 560 SL, my first impression was not so enthusiastic. It was quite unsettling in fact. No carplay. No automatic customizing of the car seat. No mirror on the visor. And during the winter, no heated seats either. But the discomfort soon turned into ease. Suddenly I found myself loosening into the simplicity of it. Suddenly Javi and I were two lovers of life on the road, in silence or in conversation. But either way it felt hyper-real.

In this era of souped-up, electric, or even self-driving cars—which are of course superior in comfort, reliability, eco-friendliness, and efficiency— it is without a doubt that the awe of the classic car will endure.

[Note to all automobile manufacturers: BEAUTY and SIMPLICITY do prevail. And please let’s do something about the desperately predominant banality of today’s modern design]


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