The Vil-alta Moda Of Men’s Shoes

Norman Vilalta takes the throne for his use of superior leather, impeccable quality, and elegant flair in his Spanish men’s shoe line
Photo Credits: Javi’s Vilalta Shoe Collection
August 1, 2023

Spain has always quite unjustly sat in the shadows of Italy and France when it comes to food, wine and craftsmanship. Until lately, that is. Spanish wine has recently become the greatest in terms of value-for-price and its chefs reign above even their French contenders as the aspiring chefs’ choice for internship. As per craftsmanship, one man has taken the footwear throne for his use of superior leather, impeccable quality, and elegant flair in his Spanish men’s shoe line. The reigning “zapatero” is none other than Norman Vilalta.

Norman, however, is not originally from Spain, but from Argentina. He left a career as a corporate lawyer to make a bigger difference, to do something that involved his hands that would be different, and above all, uniquely supreme. He works from his atelier in Barcelona to personally give each pair of shoes his signature touch of imperfectly perfect uniqueness.

In every pair, there is something unusual, special, irregular or asymmetrical perhaps. This along with so many other unique details are his deliberate “game” to catch and allure the gazing eye. Perhaps the patination on the toe of the right pair is slightly more than of its accompanying left pair. Or perhaps he chooses a matte green leather that suddenly turns to a glossy brown at the toe. These gutsy oddities, however, never compromise the elegance and refinement of these notable creations.

Oh that’s not all. Wearing a Norman Vilalta shoe will feel like you’re walking on marshmallows. His insoles are intricately padded and stitched, and aesthetically crafted to please the eye and your wearied feet. The combination of elegant architectural lines along with sturdy foundations make for a resplendently eye-catching yet sensible fit. He also offers the option to custom-make a pair, with a 12-week delivery time frame. His passion and pride as the master of the perfect fit is all in the name of his customer’s love. His custom orders can become very personalized as one can choose from such details as initials, color, or a handbuilt waist.

When you invest in a pair of his shoes, you are not buying just a Chelsea boot or a Derby. You are awarding yourself a Norman Vilalta. And you are honoring the culmination of class with a refreshing and intriguing edge, along with the prestige of Spanish craftsmanship.

Norman Vilalta atelier, Carrer Enric Granados 5, Barcelona.
+34 933 234 014 , +34 645 655 624


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