No Place Like Home

“Home” connotes so much more than just a house. But what exactly determines what makes a house a home?

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January 18, 2024

Towards the end of Wizard of Oz, Dorothy finally achieves closure when she realizes “There is no place like home.” Of course we know that “home” connotes much more than just a house. But what exactly determines what makes a house a home? It is clear to me that home is the center of my world, a place of order, safety and cherished familiarity that separates me from the chaos beyond it. It is where my dearest of all reside, and ergo where my heart lies. 


As I embraced the task of furnishing a family home 5 years ago, I discovered my penchant for certain styles, colors and textures, charged from the challenge of creating harmony among them. It became clear that the “material” of Home constituted an investigation and investment in my family’s identity. And thus, our sense of home was translated from heart to hearth.


Here is a peak into my discoveries:

Labyrinths are thought to enhance right brain activity. Right brain tasks have to do with creativity and the arts. This is a snapshot of the entrance to our creative playhouse.

Surrender Yourself To Optical Illusions

Photo credits:  Right wall: Gary Webb, Basel Split, mirror installation, The Goss-Michael Foundation – Left wall: Tahnee Lonsdale, In-N-Out, De Buck Gallery (the principal color of mustard yellow in this painting is a favorite color I find extremely elegant and cheery for a home.)  – Center wall (at entrance): Alfonso Albacete

Who doesn’t like to see their reflection, in bits and pieces, filtered in shades of rose and mint?

Mix art, sculptures and odd book-ends in your private athenaeum and consider, dare I say, self-publishing 😜

Photo credits: cc tapis rug – Kevin Walz daybed – Chris Derosz, Scott Richards Gallery – Emanuel De Sousa individual portraits of Stephen Hawkings, Richard Pryor, Rob Reiner, Jackie O, George Carlin. – Volker Huller painting (right), Dallas Art Fair

The Pigment Is Yves Klein Blue

Nothing cooler than electric blue and art posing as furniture: Yves Klein ‘blue’ table

Meet darling live-in mates Jackie and Honey…

Photo credits: Jackie, by Otto Duecker and Honey, by Hunt Slonem

…Perfect for puzzling over life’s enigmas, or just a good puzzle

Photo credits: Kipp Stewart chairs (in golden velvet) – Mies Van Der Rohe Barcelona chairs – Saporiti “Confidential” sofa by Alberto Rosselli – Yves Klein “Blue” coffee table – CC Tapis custom “Dipped” rug.

A dedication to Babs, the compelling scent and mascot of our home:

Let there be light, from a most striking beam

Photo credits: Four prints by Eduardo Vilches, 1969 – Three ceiling pendants by Anders Pehrson – Burgundy leather covered stools by Charlotte Perriand – Wood and stone sculpture by Ben Goo – Promemoria Bilou Bilou kitchen table chairs

Powder your nose and your appetite for the risque’

Photo credits: Serpent sconces from LA Studio Madrid – Sultry images printed from camera film found in an estate sale (Dallas, circa 1960s)

All work and no play doesn’t apply when the play is in the work!

Photo credits: Pair of Pierre Paulin F598 Groovy chairs – Helmut Newton SUMO Limited Edition Taschen book – CC Tapis rug.

The master should be nothing if not warm, cozy, and slinkyyyy

Photo credits: cc tapis Slinky custom rug, “headboard” in channeled silk velvet from Dedar

Enviously poofy and green with envy

Photo credits: Tobia and Afra Scarpa sofa and chaise – Willy Rozzo coffee table – Starsky Brines painting  – Sculpture by Ramiz Barquet, my grandfather – CC Tapis custom rug

You might go so far as to offer your guests breakfast-in-bed, but then again, THEY MIGHT NEVER WANT TO LEAVE.

Do consider matching a chair to your art, and emblazoning all rooms with rich gleaming gold. 

Photo credits: Vlademir Kagan chaise longue – Cc-tapis rug – Lola Schnabel paintings – Sandra Poulson (“Hope as a Praxis,” one of 17 iterations of chairs in the process of breaking) – Good console unknown


The Ozard of Wiz


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