Everyday Remedies, The Homeopathic Way

Your go-to list for everyday remedies from trusted and loved naturopath Dr. Leanne Hutcherson
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August 1, 2023

Allergies: 1 tablet of Antronex by Standard Process until allergies disappear/ Silver Sovereign Colloidal Silver 6 dropperfuls AND their Saline Nasal mist AND their throat spray. 2 capsules (2xday) of D-Hist (by Ortho Molecular Products) and two dropperfuls (3xday) of BioActiveNutrional Lymph 1 OR 1 tablet of DaVinci Laboratories Aller-DMG

Cold: 2 tablets of D-Lenolate at onset of or before cold (if around coughers and snifflers). Repeat every 4 hours

Acid reflux: 1 tsp baking soda with water (1 hour before eating and/or 3 hours after eating, until symptoms subside. Crucial to follow this timing as baking soda will otherwise alkalize your stomach acids which you need to digest food and kill parasites!/ 1-2 drops therapeutic essential peppermint oil under tongue

Constipation: Take 1-3 tsp Psyllium Husk or 3 capsules (WITH A MIN OF 1 CUP OF WATER OR YOU’LL BE COMBUSTIVE, if you know I mean 💨😷)

Cough: do a lemon throat-wrap and gargle ½ tsp salt in 4 oz warm water until cured

Fever: Feverfew 3-4 drops in water every 4 hours until fever reduces

Headache: Feverfew 3-4 drops in water, and Peppermint essential oil on the temples

Nausea/Vomiting: Boiron’s Ipecacuanha 30c, 1-2 pellets under tongue when unrelated to food. Boiron Arsenicum 30c, 1-2 pellets under tongue when caused by food. Repeat every 4-6 hours or 3x day

Bloatedness: Ginger and Fennel tea/ Body Health Digestive Enzymes

Gas: 1 capsule of Betaine HCL by Designs for Health (if related to long-term candida or digestive disturbances, follow the next)

Candida/digestive disturbances: North American Herb & Spice Oreganol Super Strength (1 gelcap after each meal), Da Vinci Labs Candid-Away (3 capsules 1-2x daily), Bioactive FNG 2 (5 drops 2x daily) ALL, UNTIL SYMPTOMS DISAPPEAR

Yeast infection: 1-2 pellets Boiron Borax 30c 3x day

Bad breath/fungal infection: Ki Science Oral Wellness bio Natural Mouthwash (gargle and swish 10mL with 15-20mL water for 30 seconds)

Fatigue: 1/2-2 Teaspoons of competitive grade Matcha powder. Try not to exceed 2 tsp, although energy-junkie here will cheat occasionally. (For brand suggestions, check out→ The Hedonist Pig’s Yoga in a Cup)

Anxiety: Stress Calm by Boiron (2 pellets dissolved under tongue 3x day)

Panic attack: Aconitum by Boiron (2 pellets dissolved under tongue) and/or 1 Australian Bush Flowers Emergency Essence dropperful or Bach Flowers Rescue Dropper or spray

Joint pain and inflammation: Traumeel (2 tablets dissolved under tongue, every 4 hours until symptoms disappear). Also, ice in a ziplock bag pressed against the inflamed area for 15 minutes max. Can be repeated 15 minutes later for another 15 minutes MAX.

Postpartum depression: DPR, THE homeopathic XANAX (10-15 drops morning and night. Sold only through a certified naturopathic practitioner). I took this when I began noticing symptoms after the birth of my daughter and this erased my symptoms completely and IMMEDIATELY.

Mental focus/ADD: Also DPR

Skin cut: Cayenne pepper directly on fresh cut, no washing the cut beforehand. Also Sovereign Silver First Aid gel.

Bleeding wound: Helichrysum essential oil. Also Sovereign Silver First Aid gel ointment

Skin rash: Frankincense essential oil (a few drops on rash)/ Also Sovereign Silver First Aid gel.

Heart palpitations: Cayenne pepper under the tongue to reset an out-of-balance heart rhythm

Antibacterial/antiviral prevention: DoTerra On Guard essential oil AND Sovereign Silver Bio-active Silver Hydrosol Daily Immune Support.

For pain relief: 2 capsules of Body Health Relief capsules 3 x day and dissolve 2 tablets under tongue of Traumeel 3 x day

For itchy bug bites: 1/8 cup white vinegar in 1/2 cup water and rub on bites. Expect immediate relief. Boiron Calendula Cream helps too.

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