The Pharma Trap

It’s time we snatch ourselves from the jaws of miscommunication, before we pay a deathly price.
Photo Credits: Steven Spielberg on the set of Jaws, 1974.
August 1, 2023

When it comes to our health, so much of the information we’re handed is misguided and absurdly—astonishingly—wrong. Having spent 20 years living in 3 European countries juxtaposed to these 4 years back in the US has revealed some blatant differences in how health is addressed in our culture. America has changed dramatically since I left the country in 1997.

The America I see today approaches health in a drastically different way than the Europeans and then it used to. This new America is more about avoiding sickness and discomfort than it is about learning how to live life in a natural, reasonable and healthy way. America today is more about what we Americans are missing and lacking than it is about making the most of how we are (looks-wise), how we feel, how we think and what we have. So many fad diets and medications are thrown in our faces, literally every hour. Every other TV commercial is of a pharmaceutical drug telling the viewer directly that it might be something they just might need even if they’d never have considered it, and even if a potential side effect is death. This should be illegal as it is a doctor and not the viewer who determines whether they should even consider.

Are we or (perhaps more appropriately) why aren’t we questioning whether all these meds, fad diets, and shameful excess of food and consumer goods are really leading us to a happier and healthier life? Is the joke on those in power? I won’t name names, as much as I’d love to. Unfortunately, we have no choice but to live in paranoia, and to question everything. Money seems to come first and foremost before American’s well-being now, and it’s quite sad, frustrating and terrifying.

Yes, they’ve mastered the art of mass manipulation. And we are their lab rats. Or so they think.🤨

To live in “the land of the free,” we need to be prudent; we need to be highly and I mean HIGHLY skeptical. If, that is, we care about our health and long-term quality of life. But by being skeptical I don’t mean discredit or shun the system completely. After all, in my humble opinion, everything in existence always comes down to perspective and context. That said, I’d like to delve into and explore the nature of pharmaceutical (especially over-the-counter) drugs and our perspective on them.

How did the idea of Pharmacology begin?

Despite not being a scientist, the 16th-century Swiss physician Philippus von Hohenheim, known as Paracelsus, pioneered pharmacology. His approach was summarized by “The dose makes the poison,” meaning substances extracted from nature which are toxic in large amounts could be therapeutic in small doses. This aspect is the basic underlying principle of modern drugs. For instance, warfarin, which was initially a rat poison, is now used in low doses to prevent blood clots.

Scientists in the 17th century adopted this concept, and this led to immediate discoveries such as morphine, nicotine, quinine, caffeine, and strychnine from various plants. Nineteenth-century British physician Peter Mere Latham noted, “Poisons and medicines are oftentimes the same substances given with different intentions.”
On that curious note, the pharmaceutical industry is one of the largest globally, valued at approximately $1.5 trillion. And furthermore, pharmaceutical companies fund major media outlets through advertising, in order to influence us, the public. There is much to expand on this subject, but we can save this can of worms for another juicy day.

For now, let’s bring the topic back to a more individual level. When we’re prescribed medication (or obliged to take a vaccine), it’s crucial to consider what we’re not told. To begin our analysis, let’s consider the symbol of conventional medicine: a caduceus, a herald’s wand with two serpents twisting around it. Its symbol clearly hides nothing and blatantly represents its underlying essence: poison or toxin used as remedy. Please don’t get me wrong. Medicine has saved lives (including my own as an insulin-dependent Type 1 diabetic). The key to pharmacology, however, is proper dosage. Nothing wrong with what it is. The danger is all in how we’re informed, how drugs are administered, and how we are made to NOT trust and follow our body’s innate judgment.

For decades, most of us here in America have mindlessly leaned towards industrial drugs over alternative homeopathic remedies, regardless of the fact that they mask rather than cure symptoms. The term “meds for life” should be a strong red flag to us all of the lucrative scheme that exploits our trust in conventional medicine.

We’ve heard of the principal ingredients in basic medicine such as mercury (thimerosal), morphine, formaldehyde, anticoagulants like Warfarin, which all have their own long-term side-effects. But harmful toxins show up in additives in industrial food. We know of GMOs such as MSG, high-fructose corn syrup, all derivatives of genetically-engineered corn (maltodextrin, dextrose, dextrin and so forth) and the strangely (and frighteningly) mysterious umbrella term “natural flavors”. But other substances, like citric acid (E-330), can have seriously adverse effects that most are not well-aware of. The seemingly innocuous but cleverly termed “citric acid” has been potentially linked to conditions like Alzheimer’s. Ohh, but regardless, this too, as all food additives, is approved by the FDA.

So what are these “light doses” of toxins doing to our system? For starters, they are increasing the body’s acidity level. Excessive body acidity is fundamentally the breeding ground for all disease, whether it is from toxins in our drugs and foods, or toxic thoughts and emotions. So to make a CRUCIAL POINT: the body’s pH balance is vital to our health, longevity, and quality of life. Our kidneys and our breathing (oxygen) are two of the body’s mechanisms to maintain our body’s pH balance. All food is essentially acidic but some are less acidic and more conducive to a healthier more alkaline body environment.

Ok, I don’t want to be Pandora opening her box of gloom.

So, on to a practical and HIGHLY EFFECTIVE approach to our health. We can enhance our physically- and emotionally-compromised energy through Caring and Love! Do NOT underestimate their power. Love, in biophysical terms and ceaseless research, is resonance, which generates and boosts energy flow and wellbeing. With greater body conductivity comes greater energy flow. This, together with a healthy and caring intentional physical and emotional approach to life, allows the body to use its inherent healing mechanisms to do their job.

Are we to be lab rats to the multinational Monsantos and tragically shameless FDA? No, not I. Our goal should be to single-handedly create a positive “pay it forward” approach to spread THE RIGHT INFORMATION, care and happiness to others. We need to know that our bodies speak to us and have an innate ability to heal. Whether through seeking out more natural alternatives to drugs and surgery or through self-love and faith, WE ARE IN POWER OF OUR BODIES AND MINDS. It takes research and questioning, from our phone, from our desktop computer. It takes skepticism and demand for what’s right. And for what we deserve. It’s the price to pay to avoid being snatched by the jaws of miscommunication.

Untitled, 1986, by John Buckley.


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