Dance Takes You Home

Give yourself over to the music and give in to DANCE
Photo Credits: From My Wedding
August 1, 2023

Let’s take time to honor a most shockingly under-practiced and overlooked recreation, and the therapy of all therapies: DANCE

Dance is part of our primal blueprint. Babies naturally dance when they hear music or when they see someone else dancing. There’s no need to get into why we adults might sometimes feel restrained to dance. But essentially the freedom, spontaneity and play that is inherent in the act of dancing is our instinctual right and need.
(Yet sadly there is so little of it in our lives🤯)

Dance is universal. It is the unspoken language that creates a connection between humans, whether among friends or strangers. The beauty about dance is that music gets into our bodies oblivious to our will. Music goes straight to our emotions. And our emotions make our feet shuffle, our shoulders bounce and our faces come to life.

Dance activates our right-brain. When words become superfluous and unnecessary, and our right brain begs for intuitive expression, dance is our alchemist. When work and life become too regimented and vigorous, dance is our release and our play to balance it all out. When you give in to music fully, and dance takes over, you’ll never feel more at home.

Here to galvanize your being is a dance playlist for the consummate joy-fest:



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