Time is of the Essence

The ultimate luxury commodity of every business and consumer
Photo credits: Guy Bourdin
August 1, 2023
Let’s begin with the idea that Time is its own entity. Let’s add that the faster and more furious this hyper-connected tech-driven world gets, the more Time loses recognition and appreciation. Time has its own agenda (and may actually be on our side more than we think). The idea of “time on-demand”—meaning immediate availability or flexible timing—is quite convenient, yes. But what about the reverse idea? Being there for Time. Letting Time do its thing. The expression “time is money,” to me, may be a gross understatement as Time in so many cases is infinitely more valuable than money. In terms of entrepreneurship, a customer who spends their money for a service is also giving their time, which in this day is precious. A customer who buys a product will be a returning customer when the product has been studied sufficiently and created in consideration of Time passing.

A perfect example, the Birkin. This ultimate iconic status symbol was born in 1984 when Jane Birkin sat on a flight next to Jean-Louis Damas (then chief executive of Hermès) and lamented the difficulty in finding a travel bag which combined elegance, functionality, ample pockets, and room for her toddler’s bottles. She left him with some doodles and specifications on the airsickness bag, and the rest is history. This product was designed with intentionality—with thorough thought and consideration of a real demand—only to become the most envied, drooled and sought after artifact in fashion today. And as Time has told, it’s become TIMELESS.

If an entrepreneur can be an accomplice to Time, and learn to wield Time’s magic, then I believe they will hold the gold to their future.

We’re all familiar with the notion of being fully present, practicing mindfulness, and therefore winning ourselves a more fulfilling life. But when it comes to our work, how does Time work into this concept? When we choose to engage in and relax into the moment, we are not losing the limited resource that is Time. We are instead giving Time a chance. To show us the extraordinary in the ordinary. To let us breathe and be inspired–or “breathed into” by a Higher Intelligence. To allow us to uncover the value right under our noses.

Companies today know well that new is not new for very long, and that consumers are little if at all tolerant of stagnancy. But extending Time used to elevate the quality of a product can be a magnificent catalyst to making it newer, more creative and more appealing. Extending Time gifted to a client through a service also allows the professional to demonstrate their full capacity and to even surprise themselves with undiscovered techniques and talents.


When a professional prioritizes Time—through a better quality product, service and treatment of their client—they are offering them immediate security. And pleasing through “compressed time scales”—being able to witness success in a shorter time frame—then creates more job satisfaction and motivation. By this token, keeping Time closely on-demand and prioritizing its gifts facilitates and speeds a sense of meaningfulness for both professionals and customers alike.

Another point. DON’T EVER KILL TIME. We use the expression “to make time” but let’s face it, Time IS limited. Since Time is fleeting—just as our lives are—let’s fill the time we have with the good stuff: passion, care, beauty and quality.

It’s about time
From time to time
To do time
And time yourself.

In time,
Or in no time,
Any time
Work time.

In daytime,
It’s gametime,
To buy time
And keep time.

In good time
Between time
Mark time
Ahead of time.

It’s high time,
To hammer time,
Over time,
And Overtime.

For a lifetime
Of endless time,
Be IN time,
And ON time.

In the meantime,
All the time
Before time
And aftertime…

Now is the best time.

an eager attempt at poetry

The main trick to MASTERING time is feeling that we have enough of it. I personally have always fancied the idea of making–or demanding of–Time. I believe we can bend our perception of Time and allow ourselves a new perception. When we test the extent of how much we can do in any given period of Time, we can discover the magic that lies within this once respected entity. Let’s give ourselves the chance to feel that Time is “fuller” and thus slower. In this mindset, life can seem more in control and less likely to slip away. Most importantly, life’s experiences come to feel more interesting, and by far more fulfilling.

Bend Time, make Time, wait for Time to tell,
To unveil the extraordinary in the ordinary,
And to turn your work into gold.


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