The Silent Treatment

The wobbly table theorem: when your relationship is on the rocks, give it a fresh pair of legs
Photo Credits: Guy Bourdin For Charles Jourdan, Autumn 1979
August 1, 2023
When your relationship is on its last legs, or you feel it still desperately needs a leg up after couple’s therapy or long-term failed attempts to make a change, consider: Giving words a total break in lieu of NON-VERBAL acts and language.

No matter HOW bitter you may be, no matter HOW much you can’t fathom it,try forcing the unexpected: As in a sudden believably genuine tender loving gaze… perhaps a convincingly deep and engaging look into her eyes when it’s what she least expects. Or why not a seemingly realistic delicate caress or peck on the cheek as you brush past him, at least for experimental value😜… How about wearing his favorite perfume or the shirt she loves most on you, perhaps with a smile that let’s them know you wore it for them… HOW CAN THAT NOT SOFTEN ANYONE’S HEART?

Rebuild credibility for your love as a couple. Fake it ‘til you make it, back to the way things used to be. But ☝🏻 try doing this at the exclusion of words.


In moments of friction, words to the other typically come across as accusatory or superior. So often it’s the unspoken language that gets the message across most efficiently. And especially under these circumstances, it makes all the difference.

Do the legwork.
Give your relationship a fresh pair of legs.
🦵🏻And break a leg! 🦵🏻


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