Oh My God

How Fear, Control and Faith play their part in our spirituality
Photo Credits: ‘The Music from the Balconies’ (1984). Oil on canvas by Ed Ruscha.
January 11, 2024

What is spirituality? Some equate it with religion. But it might also be said that whatever people follow religiously—be it science, art, music or organized religion—can be their own personalized form of spirituality. While spirituality involves personal growth, inner peace, and a search for meaning that goes beyond religious beliefs, religion is based primarily on Faith in a higher power or pre-set of spiritual teachings.

So what really is Faith. We can say it’s about being OPEN. And we can say it’s ever more about our personal relationship with God or Intelligence or Love than it is about the actual tenets of a religion. Real Faith means absolute TRUST in the unknown, but first and foremost involves an acknowledgement of the unknown, and acknowledgement that all religions are simply different possibilities to a means. Real Faith involves understanding and accepting that which we CANNOT know. And that which entails questioning and finding answers, having a continuous dialogue.

Where am I going with this?

Well it seems we’ve become more knowledgeable and more in control of our wellness in terms of aging, beauty, exercise, diet, psychology, supplementation, and pharmaceuticals than ever before in history. But ironically, the wellness of humans as a whole feels less in control. There doesn’t seem to be any interest at all in healing the world as with ourselves, individually. Yet just as we are becoming (or striving at least to become) so in tune to our bodies, minds and hearts, are we doing the same with the world around us? In moments of religious (used as the guise of political) turmoil and conflict such as these we see today, does it not blow your mind how we are (turning a blind eye and) not fostering a greater sense of connection to the whole of life–to other people, to other belief systems, and to different and new ideas?

Essentially, it all comes down to shifting focus from “ME” to recognizing that we’re all interconnected (all 1 and the same) in the intricate web of life. (For more on this hop over to—>1 And The Same)

In general, the need to control others or feel superior is just a mask for Fear (or a vicious need for power). But as we know, fear can rob us of the possibility to be free. Yes, being uncomfortable in our vulnerability and uncertainties and our differences is something human, inevitable, and something we all experience. But embracing this discomfort, however, opens the door to real connections, personal growth, and a liberating freedom that comes from confronting our fears rather than concealing them behind the façade of control.

To really be in control means being curious about our fears and our interpersonal differences. And maybe it’s fundamentally about hushing our busy and complicated and troublesome minds. Because only when we hush our mind can we tap into our inner wisdom. And be really clear. And be open. And be free.

Becoming entirely nonjudgmental allows us to be witnesses, detached from our sense of “MY” and “ME,” giving way to openness and curiosity toward “THEIRS” and “THEM.”

Those who prescribe how life “SHOULD” be, or how beliefs “SHOULD” align, are operating outside the realms of Faith, Trust, and Open Love. The word “should” carries societal weight and is a word my mom always told me I could eliminate from my vocabulary.

If we could all assume responsibility for our interactions, both with others and ourselves, this would be the ultimate form of spirituality, one which would reflect real Faith in our capacity to remain open, adapt, and overcome our fear of losing control.

“Nature has created everything with its own attributes. Nothing is better than the other. Only judgment makes it so. Thus we feel the need to change the way they are just to fit our ideal. We try to change them in order to conform to our standard. Why can’t we just let be.”

Let’s take a moment of silence in reflection of the horrific inexcusable current global (political) events happening today.


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