Online childrens’s boutiques for a snazzy wardrobe
Video Credits: Sofia’s Fancy Pants Collage
August 1, 2023

Children’s clothing couldn’t be sweeter or darlinger. But the delight derived from these minute fineries can so many times be exclusively reserved for adults. If it were up to my toddler herself, she’d just cycle through her 5 princess costumes ongoingly, and pair them with her pink rain boots that beam up with her every step. But for your delight and for those babes less stubborn, here are The Blog’s proposals for a dapper and dainty cutie-pie.

For monogrammed waffle cotton robes: The Happy Crabbers

THIS IS IT for loafers, Venetian slippers and mary-janes. Really, this it it: Capulette Paris

Nordic style (and ethics) brand of organic basics, and particularly the best rubber sandals and boots: Liewood
[they don’t currently ship to the US, but many US online boutiques do sell their brand]

The most elegant gorgeous artisanal (and yes, pricey) made-to-order clothing, made in Bilbao, Spain:Los Encajeros

Practical and tasteful every-day clothing: Oso and Me

Italian designs for the sassy ones: La Stupenderia

French, simple and classy: Jacadi

UK-based, well-priced Spanish-style clothing: Luca and Luca

For the finest and most well-priced socks, tights, onesies, cardigans, hair accessories, shoes, and newborn everything:
Merceria edelweis


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