C’est Çi C’est Pas Un “Pill”

The OG of anti-aging supplements and still quite possibly the best there is
Photo credits: René Magritte, C’est Çi N’est Pas Un Pipe edited by The Blog
April 4, 2024

Let me let you in on a long-held secret that the FDA and Pharma don’t want you to know. 🤫

In 1952, Romanian biologist and physician, Dr. Ana Aslan, discovered the spectacular anti-aging effects of procaine on which she developed the formula Gerovital H3, or GH3. Word spread quickly about its miraculous results, and by the 1960s, celebrities, politicians and the general public were flocking by the thousands to European health spas that offered this groundbreaking “youth pill.” GH3 gained fame with the creme de creme of fame, including Winston Churchill, Marilyn Monroe, Bobby Hope, and Cary Grant, all of whom were regulars of Dr. Aslan’s clinic. And eventually, this pill of thrill came to be produced and sold to countries the world over.

Not so surprisingly, though, GH3 soon began to spark “scientific” (or rather, political) controversy. But athough Aslan defined GH3 as completely safe—-proving the pill’s makeup as procaine stabilized with benzoic acid, potassium metabisulfate, and disodium phosphate—she was met with great opposition. And when she proved that GH3’s reversible monoamine oxidase inhibitor (MAOI) properties distinguished it from pharmaceutical MAOIs given they avoided the pharmaceutical version’s harmful side effects, authorities and the pharmaceutical industry were none too pleased. And fuming out their power-driven ears.

In 1982, Rodger Sless’s company, Tierra Mega-Nutrients, introduced the thrill-filled pill to the American market. However, by 1993, federal intervention loomed as the government, led by the FDA, sought to categorize GH3 as an unapproved new drug. Rodger, alongside his secretary and shipper, found themselves held at gunpoint by none other than FDA agents. Clearly, oh so clearly, the FDA was aiming to bring the marketing of this product under its control (also part of a broader effort to regulate various vitamins and herbs during that time, but that’s another story). Rodger faced trial and prosecution by the US Justice Department in federal court in June 1994. But fortunately 🙏, a true and just jury in New Mexico looked beyond the government’s unjust actions (and ulterior motives), delivering a unanimous acquittal on all charges for Rodger.

Subsequently, and thankfully, GH3 has found protection under The Dietary Supplement Act as a vitamin, ensuring its safety and availability to US citizens.

Do be aware. Knockoffs of GH3, such as KH3, have since popped up in the market but the original and exact formula of Gerovital is fundamental for this pill to show its true benefits.

And do know. Clinical trials on GH3 have clearly demonstrated its immediate and impressive effectiveness as an antidepressant and for improving memory, sleep, hair, skin and overall wellbeing. So my dearrr dearrrr Anatomist friends, all in all, GH3 is our vitality’s decree. It is our age-defying glee, and our body’s jubilee! Ha! This isn’t JUST a pill, no. In the (paraphrased) words of Rene Magritte, “C’est çi n’est pas un ‘pill.’” By counteracting the excess of cortisol induced by stress, among my list of sundry other benefits below, this one pill slows down the overall aging process.

FIVE decades of extensive use by millions of individuals the world over has shown that GH3 is really truly a pill that thrills, and fulfills all my aging wishes:

—enhances cell metabolism
—improves mental clarity and focus, word-retrieval skills and concentration
—improves circulation
—stops the deterioration of DNA in our chromosomes, which is the latest theory of aging called the Telomere Theory of Aging
—strengthens hair, skin, and nails
—increases neurotransmitter activity through mild reversible MAO-inhibition, preventing age-related depression
—regulates cholesterol levels
— boosts energy
—alleviates joint stiffness
—inhibits cortisol, stopping over-release and making it easier to cope with the stress of modern life
—elevates mood through brain-chemistry balancing and promotes a euphoric and overall sense of well-being
—fosters body homeostasis, optimizing the balance of diverse bodily systems and health in general!!!

And just how QUICKLY do we see results?

Well, most will say immediately within 3 days. I personally noticed a huge difference in the strength of my hair and the appearance of my skin after only 5 days of first taking GH3. I take 2 capsules before bed, but those who take it in the morning note significantly greater mental clarity, for instance. There is no harm in taking the pill daily without breaks. Have a look at testimonies HERE to be blown to thrills with what it can do. I’ll give an example. Carolyn Abbott, began using GH3 in her 50s and when she visited her M.D. at 62, he “absolutely refused to believe that she was in her sixties.” He was convinced she was in her early 40s.

Suggested use is 1-2 capsules per day on an empty stomach (two hours after meals and 1 hour before a meal).

Do note: Tierra Mega-Nutrients’ Gerovital is an exact laboratory duplication of Dr. Ana Aslan’s original formula.

AND, there’s more. Gerovital GH3 is recognized as a “pro-vitamin,” meaning it directly contributes to the production of vitamins within the human body!!!! Now, what other pill that you know can do just that?!?!
Too long has this noble pill been ignored in the race to find the fountain of youth and vitality. And I would just like to say that before you turn your attention and your money elsewhere, this “pill” has a secret power ready to be unleashed.

And for the indulgence of all eternal-youth worshippers, head to—> realgh3.com for further reading.

– Orally-taken procaine differs from prescription-injection procaine supervised by healthcare professionals.
– Digoxin (Lanoxin) may reduce heart function when interacting with procaine.
– Procaine interacts with muscle relaxants and antidepressants.
-Avoid concurrent administration of Gerovital with sulphonamides (inactivation), eserine, or prostigmine.

Photo Credits: René Magritte, Le Fils De L’Homme, edited by The Blog


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