1 And The Same

Ignorance is not bliss.
November 30, 2023

Life IS CONTRAST. On and off. Day and night. Sound and silence. High and low. Positive and negative. Heads and tails. 0s and 1s which is awesomely/astonishingly ALL that web code is. There is no end to the list. And that’s because LIFE is ALL about contrast. But here’s the thing nobody seems to give much thought to, even though it’s the most elementary and fundamental principle of all: The one cannot exist without the other.

For instance, all our sensory experiences are vibrational, and vibrations occur in waves. High and low. On and off. This is the energy of Life, and Life could not occur without these contrasts. We ARE CONTRAST. We all have a front and a back and a head and a “tail”. Our eyes open and close. We sleep, then we wake. We feel highs, we feel lows. We feel love, yet we feel fear (or hate, whichever you call its opposite). We have faith yet we have doubts. We are physical yet also emotional and spiritual beings. And turtles, they couple with skunks. Oh the irony! It is an omnipresent phenomenon and one that is essential to Life. That is because what we perceive as opposite, contrasts, polarities, dualities and ironies are, in fact, and at the same time, inseparable. What we see as two is actually one and the same, like a coin.

By this very token then, it seems ridiculous for us to differentiate with judgment. Bigots, homophobes, xenophobes, anything-phobes. Racism, sexism, classism, ageism, anything-ism. What is all this? And how does it not seem completely insane? Well, since I mentioned love and hate (which is FEAR), I think that would explain all the -isms and -phobes. The color of our skin, the religious beliefs we choose to hold. Sexuality and general lifestyle preferences. The only reason we judge and discriminate is because we’ve been trained since our youth to concentrate and focus, to have central instead of peripheral vision, like thoroughbred horses wearing blinders. Specialized focus can be incredibly useful in professional work, of course. But to the degree in which we live and perceive the scope that is Life, too much centered focus and we lose sight of what’s beyond. We lose sight of other possibilities.

The word “IGNORANCE” is IGNORE-ance, quite plainly and blatantly the act of ignoring, not acknowledging, not seeing beyond. AHHH, but is it losing sight or ignoring? Or, is it a way to elevate one’s sense of importance? Because of deep insecurities and that word again, fear?

People are afraid of differences. My personal fear is others’ fears. Others’ narrow scope. Others’ lack of understanding. And does this sometimes make me feel arrogant and superior? OH YOU BET. But IF and WHEN I acknowledge and decide that I am going to be ok with my fear, maybe then my loosening up will ripple-effect out. Even if my awareness and loosening up is minor—as I am just one of billions—perhaps my waves and frequencies can affect the waves and frequencies of the hundreds in my life, which then affect the hundreds in their lives… and so and so forth.

I imply you and you imply me

And no matter HOW different we may seem, there is no separation.

“Underneath my outside face There’s a face that none can see. A little less smiley, A little less sure, But a whole lot more like me.”
Shel Silverstein, EveryThing On It


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