Beam Me Up

If you could LIGHT UP your neural pathways and turn a switch ON to make your brain and your body function better, you would, wouldn’t you?
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August 1, 2023

Let’s consider for a moment reversing the idiom, “I’ll believe it when I see it.” Can mentally seeing something produce believable effects? In a process called neuroplasticity, you can actually POWER UP your brain, your cells, and even your genes. You might have heard of Epigenetics, a concept coined in 1990 by Dr. Bruce Lipton. As the prefix “Epi-” means “above,” epigenetics means control ABOVE the genes. I’ve pieced a nice synopsis together from an explanation Dr. Lipton gives on Youtube:

“The movie, The Matrix, is not science fiction, it is a documentary.

Theta is imagination, the state children in their first 7 years of life are in. Theta is also hypnosis. The subconscious mind learns in two fundamental ways. Hypnosis and practice or repetition.

Wherever you may be struggling, inevitably there is an [internal] program that does not support that destination you are looking for. If you buy the old “genes control your life” story, then you’re a victim… [Consider] the placebo effect. Statistically at least 1/3 of all medical intervention is a placebo effect (!!!!!!!!!). Placebo is about positive thinking. How does positive thinking then affect our evolution, as physical, emotional, intelligible beings?

Our perception of the environment can change our genetic activity. So that means you can control your genes. WITH THAT YOU’VE GONE FROM VICTIM TO MASTERY.”

What, then, is the most effective way to control our genes? How exactly can we apply positive thinking after decades of dysfunctional thinking patterns programmed by our families, society, and our conscious self-aware selves? Allow me to SPARK your curiosity.

Essentially, through Cognitive Reprogramming affirmations, you can REWIRE your mind using positive “I AM” statements. I recommend listening to any of Jess Shepherd’s videos on Youtube. Her choice of words and her specific “I AM” declarations are in my opinion the most intelligently structured, and her voice is by far more soothing than that of any other similar channel that I know of. In an ideal world, listening to her or those similar should be done when the mind is in a Theta state, meaning under hypnosis or while sleeping. But neither of these is practical. The wonderful news is that these affirmation tracks are still effective when in a conscious state, during the day as you walk, drive, cook, or any activity you are engaged in alone. Not only hearing and saying but feeling the “I AM” declarations is key. Consistency is logically also key.

I AM Affirmations while you SLEEP for Confidence, Success, Wealth, Health & Spiritual Alignment

ROUSE, ELECTRIFY, and BEAM yourself with the POWER that is “I AM.”

No scientist can deny it. Quantum physics has proven that our thoughts and feelings create the world around us. And in my opinion, self-care can be quantum. When we deliberately turn our lives positively around, by example we actually encourage others to do the same.



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