Supercharge your Hydration

Give your water a magical boost, and boost your vitality
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August 1, 2023

We all know it. Water makes up 40-70% of our body weight, depending on age. We also know that we should be chugging a daunting 1.5-3 Liters of clean high quality water per day, depending on our weight and physical activity. And by “clean” I don’t include herbal tea, since our liver still has to filter the herbs. Canned, flavored sparkling water also doesn’t count since the mysterious “natural flavors” and citric acid are to be dealt with by our overworked liver. Drinking enough clean water honestly feels like another job.

Fret not, my parched friends, if your bottle of water contained magical powers, I bet you’d likely drink it without any complaints, hmm? Your water can actually be powerful and supercharged without compromising the purity of the minimum 1.5-3 L your body requires. By applying mineral drops to your water (if and when possible the IONIC version), you will notice astonishing changes, such as:

-more energy!
-significantly improved blood test results
-greater fitness performance, and less inflammation
-little to NO hangover symptoms
-more mental and physical vitality
-increased immunity (e.g. even with sick spouse or child coughing all over you, you won’t get sick)
-and as a consequence of all of the above, a happier, more agreeable version of you 😊

British-based company, Metabolics, creates liquid-form minerals that work wonders to supply more bioavailable minerals to your body. By providing essential ions and acting as electrolytes, minerals are vital for maintaining the electrical balance, proper functioning of nerves and muscles, and overall conductivity within the human body. Minerals are also the building blocks for our bones and teeth, our body’s fluid regulators, and our immune system boosters. Our modern lifestyle generally can leave us with symptoms of mineral deficiency. But by applying minerals such as ionic Zinc, ionic Potassium, ionic Magnesium, NADH, B6, and B9, for instance, you can guarantee a plentiful intake of essential minerals, and guarantee yourself enduring strength, vitality, and extended youth (HELLO!).

[Trace Minerals from your neighborhood health store are also an easy all-in-1 and cheaper alternative to the Metabolics brand recommended]

Key 🔑tip: If you don’t already have a water system that filters out the chloramine, lead, fluoride and god knows what other toxicities lurking in your city’s tap water, unlock your vital health with something so basic as great quality water. DO inform yourself of the quality of your home’s general and drinking water. If anything less than ideal, look into changing your ENTIRE HOME WATER SYSTEM. This can range anywhere from $2500-15,000 depending on home size and filtering company. A cheap option is using filtered shower heads.

I was shocked to find out our home’s water had a high level of chloramine. This chemical is a bond between chlorine—a scientifically-proven carcinogenic used to kill bacteria in water—and ammonia, used to make chlorine’s effect as disinfectant stronger and last longer. Chloramine can cause a slew of health issues, hair loss and premature wrinkles for starters. The list is quite long but others may include skin outbreaks, extreme fatigue, and stomach and gut disturbances. No thank you.]


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