Disco Funfinity

The family that parties together stays together: real fun for the forever young at heart
Photo Credits: Sofia’s Birthday Party
August 1, 2023
If a discotheque, preschooler’s birthday party, and cocktail hour had a menage-a-trois resulting in a baby, this would be it. I call it “Disco Funfinity.” That is, a pizzazzy, bustling crazy fusion of youthful energy, rhythm, dance, and chumming among FIVE generations… with boozy swigs and pinches of tasty joy all woven together into one.

For our daughter’s third birthday, we hired Patricia Quirino (@djromiq) to give DJ sessions for the kids, and everyone—from a 6-month-old to a sexagenarian-–was tingling with a sense of play in a sort of time- and age-lapse. The music was appropriate for all ages (think songs from movies Sing or Sing 2). Each child got his or her turn to cue and balance the controls with DJ Romi, then twirl around and do flips with dad. Parents buzzed around, drifting from adult mingling to whipping around to the grooves with their whippersnappers. Wine and cocktails kept flowing thanks to Alex, our hired bartender, dressed in old-time bar garb—with suspenders, sleeve garters and a statement handlebar-moustache. Spicy Spanish charcuterie, sweaty European cheese, and eventually a towering morbidly-rich cake kept everyone fueled…. But not as much as the music and joy which filled the spaces of our home, and our hearts. It was definitively an “age-fluid” victory.

At least that’s how I’d describe it. It seems that no one has yet used the term as I intend it, which is:

Age-fluid (adjective) relating to an activity or event that a person of any age can enjoy, particularly in the context of many generations enjoying said activity simultaneously.

We can step out from our preconceived notions of how to celebrate a children’s birthday and come out with a sentimental bang!



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