Groove Is In The Heart

Music is our escape from the worldly and our gateway to the heart
Photo credits: Photos from rehearsal dinner and wedding (6/22/2013)
December 28, 2023

When we let music into our lives, we are giving it the chance to influence us in some way. Music can breathe life into us. And conversely, when we put our lives into music, we give it our own special meaning and importance and bring it to life. Music and our lives are like cyclic influences on one another.

The Blog proposes different playlists for a reason. Let’s take a moment to acknowledge our connection to music, and how it is a powerful means to tune into and elevate our musically-covetous spirit.


A GATEWAY to self-soothing, which is how we fortify our sense of emotional well-being, resilience and coping.

OUR TRANSPORTER beyond the mundane, enabling us to transcend the commonplace or the “ugly”… and to transport us to a higher and deeper expression of our true selves.

THE GREAT EQUALIZER as a demolisher of walls that might otherwise separate strangers, opening us to recognize our shared humanity.

A BOON to our feelings of joy, sensuality, passion, and humor.

THE HOOK which pulls us back towards our more sensitive selves when we become too calloused or thick-skinned.

A RECONCILER to emotions or past memories we may have lost touch with, restoring a sense of importance to those feelings and recollections.

OUR PACIFIER, akin to a nurturing parent or friend.

OUR SECRET DIARY, an archive of all the perceptions, experiences, and feelings that elude our daily conventional exchanges. In music, our deeper and unexpressed thoughts and desires are all kept and protected.


Photo credits: Photos from rehearsal dinner and wedding (6/22/2013)
Here to hook, transport, equalize, reconcile, pacify and boost you to somewhere better is a groovy playlist:



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