The Great Reset

Detox hacks for the stubborn
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August 1, 2023

Feel you could use a detox but have NO intention to go on a fasting diet OR renounce your devotion to your most coveted, less alkaline foods?

Friends, I open the gates to the new and refreshed you.

[Keep in mind these are suggested tools that have worked for me. Please consult your professional health practitioner to make sure they can work for you.]

For 1-3 months:

1. After lunch, take 1 capsule of Integrative Therapeutics Detoxication Factors Phase 1 and Phase 2 Support

2. After showering, use Herbalix Restoratives Belly Fat Freedom Creme Stick over belly area, Herbalix Night Time Cleansing Detox Deodorant, and Heeling Soles Foot Creme with Shungite on the soles of your feet

3. Cozy up to a cup or two of Yogi Tea Organic Alkaline Herbs tea (especially at night, when our bodies are most actively cleansing)

4. Schedule a Lymphatic Enhancement Therapy (LET) session and follow it immediately with an Ionic Foot Bath at your local naturopathic clinic. I would do 3-4 in the span of a month. Thereafter, sparingly.

5. Schedule a session for Ozone Sauna Therapy. Find a local wellness clinic that offers this specific kind of ozone therapy. Basically you sit in a pod with only your head popped out, sweat profusely for 30 min, revel in not using your phone or doing a damn thing for those 30 minutes, et voila! Toxins out through your sweat.

6. STOP using any cooking pans that are not iron, stainless steel or ceramic. Stop using aluminum foil to cover heated food, as the aluminum will leach onto the food. Heavy metals such as aluminum (found in your teflon-coated pan) lower energy levels and damage functioning in your brain, lungs, kidney, liver, among other important organs. I prefer an iron skillet as it can help anyone with low-iron tendencies. It cooks beautifully, as food doesn’t burn as easily (best non-stick option: Simply Chef)

7. Try, try, try to consume less or eliminate coffee. Head over to —->Coffee is Our Hero, Until…

8. You can take ½ tsp of baking soda with water 30 minutes before eating and/or 3 hours after eating. If not taken properly, baking soda will alkalize your stomach acids which you need to digest food and kill parasites!

9. DRINK MORE WATER. QUALITY WATER. WATER WITH NO “NATURAL FLAVORS.” If you can, do your body a favor and buy Kangen water or invest in a Kangen Water Ionizer if you can permit it
[I personally don’t have one, but have heard accounts of its miraculous benefits]

For more on hydration, hop over to—-> Supercharge Your Hydration

[Most will think of fasting in order to detox but I feel fasting is not logical for everyone: for women, given our hormonal cycles; because it seems torturous; and because eating is one of the greatest rewards we can give our hard-working deserving selves multiple times in a day. I’ll pass on fasting, thanks. With the right diet and lifestyle recipe for ourselves, we can ensure well-being in the long-run,and still have it our way.]

Key 🔑tip: If you don’t already have a water system that filters out the chloramine, lead, fluoride and god knows what other toxicities lurking in your city’s tap water, unlock your vital health with something so basic as great quality water. DO inform yourself of the quality of your home’s general and drinking water. If anything less than ideal, look into changing your ENTIRE HOME WATER SYSTEM. This can range anywhere from $2500-15,000 depending on home size and filtering company. A cheap option is using filtered shower heads.

I was shocked to find out our home’s water had a high level of chloramine. This chemical is a bond between chlorine—a scientifically-proven carcinogenic used to kill bacteria in water—and ammonia, used to make chlorine’s effect as disinfectant stronger and last longer. Chloramine can cause a slew of health issues, hair loss and premature wrinkles for starters. The list is quite long but others may include skin outbreaks, extreme fatigue, and stomach and gut disturbances. No thank you.]


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