Gems of Dallas

Dallas offers up some truly exquisite gems in retail and dining.
Our visit to “55 Seventy Wine Cellar & Tasting Room”
July 19, 2023
Honey, darlin’, Dallas is fun to live in but not so fun to visit UNLESS OF COURSE YOU KNOW WHERE TO GO.

Here is a round-up of the best of the best of the Big D:

Cry Wolf

Whatever may be the reason for its name, I can only promise that dining here will make any Gastronaut howl and cry for joy. Cry Wolf is at the tip top of our list in Dallas, hands down, hands up, hands clapping all around. There is nothing that doesn’t win number 1, from the food and quality to the edgy, intimate, entertainingly rowdy setting and music. Chef and owner, Ross Demers changes his menu daily and no one dish will ever fail to make you moan with mmm’s and spoon up every last bit of sauce. Although Cry Wolf is alternative in its music, its decor, and the appearance of its staff, the food could easily be from any Michelin-rated restaurant in Provence. Tim, the host, is quirky, cool and all flattery (and the restaurant’s master music coordinator from his phone). The bartender is a Wolverine t-shirt-clad cool-cat ace with liqueur, and my favorite white sesame seed cucumber lemon martini. Here, it’s full entertainment when seated at the bar which overlooks three of its tattooed chefs studiously at work. The sophistication of Cry Wolf’s food comes as quite a surprise given the Domino’s Pizza and forlorn vintage store next door. The surprise factor, however, makes it all the more fascinating, and the cool vibe and haute cuisine have us always leaving giddy and booking our next reservation.

4422 Gaston Ave.

Urban Flower Grange Hall

Rajan Patel and Jeffrey Lee’s flower-shop slash gift and jewelry store slash restaurant is sophistication at its best, not only within the Dallas confines but anywhere in the world. The space is a wonder room of the most elegant oddities and precious otherworldly fancies. Its museum-like showcasing and air of mystery, however, don’t interfere with the Texan warmth and hospitality that is exuded by its staff. Their floral arrangements are ART: extraordinary bouquets of bursting Succulents, Coral Peonies, Phalaenopsis Orchids and Ranunculus in abstract vases of quartz or painted papier-mâché. Jewelry from designers such as Fernando Jorge and Judy Geib are spotlit among other jewel protagonists. And well, their restaurant chef, Chad Martin—a true perfectionist–does more than justice to this Dallas gem and has turned the ladies-who-lunch dining experience into a world class art form. Don’t miss out on the anything but humble “Snob Sandwich.”

4445 Travis St.


It doesn’t get classier than Tei-An’s chef and owner Teiichi Sakurai. When he pops out to greet his guests, it is no surprise his impeccable elegance is also reflected in his perfectly artful Euro-Japanese fusion cuisine and his team’s perfectly careful service. Dishes like mammoth potato chip-fried prawns, truffle Soba “Bolognese” noodles, and melt-in-your-mouth scallop carpaccio are only a few examples of an entire menu that WOWS. Even your trip to the loo will be as delightful and wooing as the meal itself, with transparent doors that frost as you lock them and imported Japanese toilets that gently warm your buns upon seating.

1722 Routh St.


Georgie is the kind of restaurant where you take any guest visiting you in Dallas to guarantee an all-over winning impression. Their consistently impeccable and refined cocktails, service, and dishes guarantee a perfectly sublime evening. This Dallas gem is the creation of Australian Celebrity chef Curtis Stone and Dallas restaurateur Stephan Courseau. Daniele, Courseau’s wife, is the visionary and designer behind its interior’s warm and old Bond-style class and glamor. Its mix of marble, bronze, travertine flooring and coffered wicker ceilings make for the perfect ambience to a perfect meal. Edward, the dearest host of all, is only one of an entire staff that is warm, ever-accommodating and supremely professional.

4514 Travis St.

The Conservatory

This is FortyFiveTen founder Brian Bolke’s most personal project yet. The space is sandwiched between the Chanel boutique and private club Park House at Highland Park Village, Dallas’s most prestigious shopping center. On Saturdays, Patricia Quirino (DJ RomiQ) will lure you into a space constructed of black plaster columns and exposed ductwork that keeps you intrigued at every turn within its maze. There is something for everyone, with its apothecary, fragrances, home design and of course high-end men’s and womenswear. And even for the hungry, Teak Tearoom is always open for lunch (their appetizer, the Glop, is gloptimal). As you amuse yourself and perhaps shake a tail feather as you pass DJ Romi, Elizabeth, the boutique’s bulldog mascot, will grunt past you and pay your caresses with an endearing grin.

4 Highland Park Village


Carbone is entertainment and dinner in one. It is Mario Carbone’s genius re-enactment of the energy and style of the 1950s Italian-American dining scene. The space, designed by none other than Ken Fulk, gushes old-school glamor, with its ivy walls, drawn curtains, lavish gold booths, and deep red leather accents. Its menu most definitely does its backdrop justice, with traditional New York-Italian classics in feast-worthy proportions. No beef carpaccio in existence can surpass the one served here, and their Dover Sole gives the one from Scott’s London a good run for their money. Don, a most warm and familial sommelier, disappoints no one with his impressive selection of vintage wines. And the energy of the music always fills us and gets our dancing feet eager.

1617 Hi Line Dr. Suite 395

55 Seventy Wine Cellar & Tasting Room

This membership-only wine bar is new to Dallas and offers a different kind of evening. Founder Tommy Shuey’s motive was to create a wine bar as appealing to women as it traditionally has been for men. Half of the 8,500 square-foot space is dedicated solely to cellar space, while the other half is a tasting room, where members can delight with friends over wine they either have in storage or from a menu of exclusive wines exempt of corkage fees. Dallas-based Duncan & Miller Design curated their inviting fire-lit space of Morosini-style design and social seating. With their impressively refined menu of charcuterie and impeccably prepared tartare and tartines, the smiles keep coming. On designated days, the venue offers unique happy hours, live music and art experiences. Nothing could be better.

6130 Berkshire Lane


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